Market21 14-15 Jan 2017 @ The School, Jaya One

by - January 19, 2017

Hey guys!! Last weekend I have been visited the market21 and a lot of stuff to see and buy.  I’m not only a person who like to travel but also a person who like to shop.  This market21 really open my eyes and managed to buy some stuff there. It’s looked damn tempting when you saw some cute and special stuff. 
You really can find out some good stuff there and if you download the Shopee apps, you can get 20% off for that item.  This kind of promotion will make you shop more! Haha XD
Since Chinese New Year was just around the corner, so lots of people came here to get their favourite piece. 
I had met my babe, Sharon to shop together. 
2017 Colour of the Year was about greenery. So, you will be seen a lot of booths selling emerald green apparel. 
The minimalist clothes and accessories booth that i like!!! 

Meanwhile, there was a lot of booth selling accessories included earrings, sunglasses, choker, caps and lots more. 

I was attracted by some phone case booth, they are selling tsum tsum and Line friends custom made phone case! They were so cute which made me really can't resist it! In a meantime, i also love the small plant that sold at the booth there! There was a booth selling pets accessories and the seller also brought her lovely dog at the event.
I have found out a bargain corner in the Pop by Jaya one. Bargain Corner is a unique space that enables our customers to buy quality merchandise and clothes well below normal retail pricing. At Bargain Corner, all items are 70% off!

Photo credit to my bff Sharon
There was some event happened there. One of the events was the Buyer and Seller session (#haveyoudoneit) held on that day.  The Buyer can just speak out the price they wish and negotiate with the seller. Is a fun moment when you can get a lower price for your favourite stuff. 
Besides, you no need worry about food after tired of shopping. There were a few stalls and food trucks for us to buy and get back energy again then keep on shopping! XD If you plan to buy some CNY snacks, there also some booth selling this where they provide you free tasting before you buy! Sound interesting, right?!
There also had a Peanut Butter Jam, Kidz Showdown dance competition. There was a lot of the talented kids who perform very well in the dance competition. 
I also had a great time of playing with the Shopee! And I got the USB cable after I had played the game!
Spotted my sunglasses ?! I'm using Shopee apps to buy which had 20% off discount! 

Previously, I had a plan to sell clothes online. Maybe I will try this way in future. If you was interested in this but doesn't own an online or blog shop. You may sell your item at Pop by Jaya One! POP by Jaya One is a pop-up retail store that has no limitations for you to showcase your creativity and ideas. POP also offers an opportunity for you to kick-start your hobby into a business a platform that is easy and accessible for you so there is no longer an excuse for you to not kick-start on your entrepreneurship. All of this start from as low as RM800 per week, you don’t have to wait for the weekends anymore to pop open your store now! #haveyoudoneit

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