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My Travel Experience with Travel Recommend

Hi, travel lover!! Just come back from Krabi past few weeks, do you want to know how I stay connected with my family and social media??!!...

Hi, travel lover!! Just come back from Krabi past few weeks, do you want to know how I stay connected with my family and social media??!! 
The answer is Travel Recommend
If you follow my FB or IG, you will know that I'm going for a road trip to Krabi.  During the road trip, I need data for my Google map and waze as well. 

Normally there were 3 common ways to use wifi at oversea.  First, roaming in oversea by using our own telcos which may come out unexpected extra charges in our bill. Second, using the local sim card which has limited data.  The other choice would be using the portable wireless wifi router like Travel Recommend.

I have searched some local pocket wifi and I found out Travel Recommend has offered an affordable price. It was very easy as you just need to pick up and return at the KLIA, KLIA2 or Penang International Airport.  Sounds convenient right?! If you are going to road trip like me, you may choose courier service which only cost you RM10/way.

Travel Recommend has given me a complete package of wireless device, international adapter, a charging cable and a user guide. This wireless device was suitable for traveller group up to 2 persons. You can just open your wifi mode and connect to the device as simple as ABC.  The device can connect to 5 devices at once and my friend and I had a smooth internet connection.
I quite satisfied when using it during the road trip. There was no problem for me to search the place and we reached our resort safe and sound. I can upload photos and videos all the time during the trip. 
We have passed by a lot of small villages but the coverage still strong.  I can constantly update my Insta story of the day. I can capture the beauty of Krabi Island all the time.

One thing worth to be mentioned, when we went to Emerald Pool and Blue Pool which located in the middle of the forest, I still able to upload my photos and update my Insta story. 

For Thailand, they only offered RM19/day. 

Can't wait to try their service again on my next trip.

Groups Photos ^^

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For more details, check out their:


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  1. Nice to keep positing during traveling. Wifi connection is important too if you lost and need to get information during trip.

  2. I think I need this too. The last time I went overseas, no wifi until I went back to hotel room.

  3. Wow what an awesome device. I tink ill surely need one. And the Emerald Pool , omg its so beautiful.

  4. The price looks reasonable. Will try it out at my visit to Thailand.

  5. I haven't tried any pocket WiFi service before. Have always bought local SIM cards thus far. Should consider this next time.

  6. Thank you for this! I'll take note for my trip to Krabi soon!

  7. Travel Recommend seems reliable. I will use it next travel

  8. Seems like you had a lot of fun! I'm an internet addict too so I might need one of these when I go to travel!

  9. This looks promising! Does it applicable/available to all country?

  10. Indeed that so affordable! That kind of services is one of the thing am wishing here in the Philippines. Our internet sucks, the slowest (turtles walks faster!) herr in Asia.

  11. My blogger friends are using this. However, during our Macau trip she experience low coverage with it.

  12. Travel recommend's a real life saver! I tried out their pocket wifi during my recent Singapore trip! So nice that it came with a power bank too haha

  13. Wow such a nice holiday I wish to go back to Krabi as well. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. So convenient! Would love to get this for my next travel. thanks for sharing!

  15. I never try their wifi before but seem a good feedback for it. The most important is the speed is strong and accessible in rural area.

  16. hi, do we need a special registration number for our car in thai alphabet if we travel there?

    1. Hi Afif. We don't need special registration number. They just need your international license and car grant for registration.