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by - July 31, 2017

Hey guys! I had done some research about the APP that free to use in South Korea. .Unlike other countries, Google Maps cannot be used in Korea. Therefore, this is some of the APP you are recommended to use when you at Korea.

Route Map, Tours and Public Transport

1. Korea Tour Offline Map
 [Available Language: Korean, English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese
It provides offline map, offline metro map, bus schedule & Korea travel guide too.
↣↣ It provides recommended attraction to visit. 
↣↣ You can share the info with your friends through social media.

2. Smart Tour Guide 
[Available Language: Korean, English, Japanese & Chinese]
This app can help you more understand about the history, meaning and stories about each attraction. 
Main Functions
↬↬Audio guide: You can hear stories about the culture, history or secrets about tourist attractions.
↬↬Photos: Vivid pictures show you around the attractions without having to go to each location.
↬↬Script: If you prefer to read about the tourist attraction, the script of the audio file is also available.
↬↬ Map: A map of your current location and a map of the attraction is provided so you can easily find how to get there.
↬↬Sharing: You can share the interesting story of tour spots through SNS or messengers.
↬↬Widget: Each tourist destination has a widget source code that can be used on a website or mobile device.

3.Kakao Map 
⇻⇻can rotate 360º and tilt map to get a more realistic view of your surroundings.
⇝⇝KakaoMap provides navigation guidance after route search without any installation of other navigation apps.
⇥⇥Whether you are driving or taking a bus or feel like walking, we provide you with the latest traffic data gathered within 24 hours.
⇨⇨Search any and everything from place to bus right from the single search bar.
Restaurants, Attractions and other recommendations near you with one scroll-up gesture from the map.

Currently they have the English Interface, but i still encounter the problem to change the Language setting. I will update here again once i have successfully change it =)

4. Subway Korea (Subway Route Navigation) 
[Available Language: Korean, English,Japanese]
The apps will provide:
↷↷Subway route information: Duration of journey / Fare / Stations stopped /Transfer time / First, last train / Faster transfer car route search
↷↷ Subway station information: Door opening side / Availability of crossing to the other platform / Restroom / Feeding facility / Elevator / Facilities for disabled / Station phone number
↷↷Exit information: Providing google maps on information near the exit, directions to the destination 

** The cons is this app provides only for certain area like Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon & Gwangju

5.I Tour Seoul 
[Available Language: Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese]
Seoul tourism highlights: Top 10 lists, real-time event and festival information
Location-based recommendations for where to go, attractions, restaurants, shopping spots, etc.
  See your real-time location on a map and nearby places of interest (attractions, restaurants, stores,       accommodations, bus stops, etc.)
Make reservations for Seoul City Walking tours, performances, and accommodations
Download Seoul maps and guidebooks
Essential information for new visitors to Seoul

Bonus: If you are K-pop or K-drama fans, you can keep on track on Hallyu Tourism Categories. Sometimes the Seoul Government will provide Hallyu Activities Program for the tourists, for example, K-pop Classes and a tour of the broadcasting theme park. The most important thing is FREE by just apply for the admission!!! And more excitement you can get by downloading this APP. I wish I'm Korea now!!


1. Mango Plate
[Available Language: Korean, English]
It just likes the Yelp APP in US.
↘↘ Access an extensive database of over 200,000 restaurants in South Korea that is updated daily
↘↘with personalized restaurant recommendations
↘↘View honest and reliable reviews and ratings of restaurants
↘↘can link MangoPlate with Facebook

2. Have Halal Will Travel 
[Available Language: English] 
1) Find the best Muslim friendly/halal restaurants, attractions and prayers spaces all in one place.
2) View all points of interest on an interactive map
3) Muslim friendly/halal restaurants - think halal Korean BBQ and Bibimbap!
4) All ratings and information personally collected by the Have Halal Will Travel team
5) Create your own itinerary by adding points of interest
6) Add useful notes to your itinerary
7) Travel guides specially are written by the Have Halal Will Travel team to help you decide where to go

3.Halal Korea
[Available Language: English]
‘Salah’ will provide you with prayer time according to your position, location of the nearest masjid, prayer spots, and the access the Quran
‘Qibla’ will point to the direction of the Kaaba via compass
Travel’ will provide you with all the travel information in Korea
 ‘Community’, you can share information, ask, and answer questions with other people on HalalKorea
‘Scan’, you can scan the barcodes of the food products being sold in Korea. The scan will then show you if the food or drink is halal
 ‘Restaurants’, will provide you with information on restaurants which serve Hansik (Korean Food) and other foods without the concern of being haram.
‘Markets’ will provide you markets by category related to your location

This is all the apps you can use during the trip! If you know how to read Korean, there is another apps which is very popular among the Korean >>> Naver APP

Stay tuned for more travel updates, till then! =)

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  2. Great post and Very useful information and apps. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great post, Very useful app for foreigners like me.

    I used it during my recent visit to Korea for Data Entry Services project.