[Editor Tips] Top 5 things To Do Like a Local in Korea

by - June 30, 2017

1. Drinking Soju
It was a normal activity whereby the local will do when they hang out with friends. When having the dinner with friends, the soju have to drink one shot for the first glass. This is one of their cultures you will see when you visit Korea. Currently, they have a variety type of soju which are Somaek (Soju + Maekju) Soju Bomb aka 폭탄주 and Cojinganmek 구징안픽 (Cola + Soju + Beer). What is soju bomb? Soju Bomb is a shot of soju which is then dropped into a cup of beer.

Credit: Google Photos
Credit: Google Photos
Credit: Google Photos

2. Eating Chimaek 치맥
Chicken with beer is a-must-try food and drinks in Korea. This is best to eat when you at Hangang Park area, Millak waterfront and many recreational parks in Korea. Trust me, you will fall in love with it. 

3. Visit Jimjilbang aka Sauna House
There a lot of sauna house in Korea. You really can take a good rest at there whether spend a couple hours resting or stay overnight. So, the price will be different. For your information, you need to be naked when you have the Korean spa which will separate into girl and boy sauna. There will be a service where the local ahjumma/ahjusssi will help you to rub your body and make your body cleaner. This will be extra charges when you wish to have this service.

4. Singing in the Karaoke Room aka 노래방
You ever were seen the Kdrama always shown their typical karaoke room right. I wanna show you a different type of the karaoke room whereby is a slot machine karaoke room. The price is calculated based on either how many songs you wanna sing or how long you wanna sing. Cool right?! So, there is a must to try if you are singing addict!

5. Wearing Korean traditional clothes
When you visit Seoul, one of the things you need to do is wearing Hanbok at the Gyeongbukgong or the Hanok Village. This can make you blend into the Korean Culture. For your information, wearing hanbok can get free admission into the Gyeongbukgong. You can create memories by taking BFF or couple photos when you wearing the hanbok. Nice right?
Credit: Google Photos

**BONUS: You can try their live octopus if you dare to try new things ;)

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