【Bangkok 曼谷】4天3夜懶人包 Bangkok Tips and Info #TLinBKK

by - April 27, 2018

When you come to Bangkok by your own self, you need to do a lot of homework before you go. What you have to do is find the places of interest, places to eat, places to shop, places to stay and etc. All of this info you can search through our MR. GOOGLE. All you need just type the keywords and all the info can be found. 

Let me show my freestyle itinerary 你有freestyle嗎?

DAY 1: Penang-Padang Besar-Hatyai 
DAY 1: Hatyai- Bangkok - Metro Resort Pratunam-Platinum Mall- Dinner at Inter Restaurant- Pratunam night market
DAY 3 : Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam(Chicken Rice) - Siam Square One - Choosedress shop - Lunch and shop Terminal 21 - Dinner and shop at Asiatique
DAY 4 : MBK - After you dessert - Lunch at MBK food court - Yenly Yours Mango Sagu - Flea Market in front of Matchbox - Dinner at Inter Restaurant - Red Sky Bangkok - D night market (in front of Palladium Mall)
DAY 5: Erawan Shrine - Big C supermarket - Ah Meng Crab noodle - Bobae Market - Sampeng market - Lunch at Robinson Supermarket near Saphan Taksin station - Ratchada Night Market - JJ Green Market 
DAY 6: Back to Hatyai - Penang

Transport 交通篇:
This time I have experienced all the transport either car, flight or boat. I'm quite satisfied as I got the chance to travel like a local.
KTM kommuter
Bukit Mertajam-Padang Besar : RM10.70/way. 【Half Price for warga emas
Shuttle Van [Pdg Besar-Hatyai] 
50bht  (10bht/luggage)
Flight  飛機 : Nok Air (under Thai airways) 【Link
**Special promo Free luggage from Hatyai to Bangkok
Grab : Yes, Grab is used widely by all the local and tourists too. Is cheap if divide by 4 but don't take during peak hours, use BTS/MRT instead of Grab
From Don Mueang Airport to My hotel @Pratunam - around 350bht
BTS : 
↣↣ an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok 【Skytrain】
↣↣ Operating Time: 6.00am till midnight
↣↣ Payment: Cash (use token to buy ticket) /Rabbit card 
↣↣ an underground rapid transit system in Bangkok
Operating time: 6.00am till midnight
Payment: Cash/ MRT plus card
**Mangmoom Card which allows for multi-use in BTS, MRT and Aiport Link believed to be launched in this year 2018 

Chao Phraya Express Boat  
↣ From Saphan Taksin-Asiatique FREE 
↣ From Rachangwose (near Sampheng market) - Saphan Taksin (Orange Flag) 15bht 
↣ From Saphan Hua Chang Pier - Bobae Market 1bht
Operating Time: depend on the colour of the flag Link
Payment: Cash Only
Airport Transfer Van 【From Airport to Hotel (Vice Versa)】
Booking through KLOOK website【Link

Wifi 網絡
Data Sim
Dtac ↣↣ mostly use by the tourists 【I bought it at 300bht 3GB data + 30min call
AIS ↣↣  the cheapest telco plan you can buy 【My bro bought it at 200bht for unlimited data】
True↣↣ The best coverage and trustable in Thailand (The most expensive)
Pocket Wifi 
- can be shared with 5 people and above

Insurance: [Recommend to buy] 
AXA or tune perfect or AA
This time my parents buying insurance from Travel Agency 
RM46 for 5D4N 

Total I have spent around RM2000 for all.  

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