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by - March 29, 2018

Wow, finally got my time to write about my outings with my girls at Caffebene. This time we have a purple theme and it's called UltraViolet Party. I had received the email from Tammy Mamasan during my Bangkok trip. Since I was in Bangkok, I quickly search for the purple outfit. At first, not really easy to find the purple clothes, until the last minutes I bought the purple top and purple earrings as well. Phew~


This colour of the year is purple and the Caffe Bene has launched out the ultraviolet seasonal series menu with Purple Sweet Potato Bingsu, Latte, Frappe and Waffle. So, I gonna have tried  all this dessert as one of favourite dessert is Bingsu. 

This time I'm going with my swaggers too. But this time we not wearing swaggy but more girlish. 

Yeah..is dessert time !!

Their Ultra Violet series was sweet potato frappeno, latte, bingsu,waffle
Smooth, think and creamy purple sweet potato latte – best enjoyed either hot or iced.
The best seller ↬↬↬ Latte (RM14.90) !! If you are latte lover, you have to try this.


Vibrant purple sweet potato paste layered on top of Caffe Bene signature Belgium waffle (Plain/Walnut),crunchy granola, topped with seasonal purple sweet potato gelato and finishing it up with some purple sweet potato powder. Even the cream also using the sweet potato as flavouring.

My favourite dessert of the day!!! Bingsu (RM29.90)

This ultra violet icy treat built up with layers of shaved ice, purple sweet potato milk base, crunchy granola, bouncy agar jelly and topped with our seasonal Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Gelato. Tell you what ?! I love granola so much because it usually the ingredient for the healthy food. So don't worry of getting fat. XDDD
But how to eat a Bingsu ??? Look this GIF

Ta-Da!! Pressed and mixed all the ingredients and enjoy !!! Did you eat it rightly? haha xDD
This is a special style is called BENE way.

The perfect icy drink for a hot summer day. Ice blended purple sweet potato frappeno, topped with whipped cream and sprinkle of purple sweet potato powder for that finishing touch. (RM16.90)

I'm not a fan of cream but i try mimic the Secret Garden scene whereby the actress drinking the frappeno with a layer of cream on my lips. But end up with fail pose. And no oppa helping me clean my lips. HAHA XDD 
After finish the dessert, i faster get some instagrammable corner to take the photo of the day. Since i not really good at posing, i just follow my swagger buddy, Nicole pose. LOL
How to enjoy the dessert ?!  Call up a bunch of friends and enjoy 💜💜💜especially the Bingsu!! Yum Yum..And Remember the ultra violet series only available until 15 April 2018. So faster visit the nearest branch.

Having a great time with Ridley, Sharon, Nicole & Shirley 

They are having BENE DAY every WEDNESDAY whereby you can get 30% off of their selected item 
↘↘↘↘30% off for double size bingsu at 6pm-10pm every WEDNESDAY.
↘↘↘↘ 30% off for  Frappeno at 2pm-6pm every WEDNESDAY.

Thanks the Butterfly Project for inviting me to this great party. I'm not only can meet my girls but also reminiscence the taste of my favourite Bingsu. Besides, I have found out the Juicy Fresh Bar (IG:@juicyjuicemy) also launched a Strawberry and Friends series. And you can buy 1 get 1 FREE for the juice every Wednesday. If you need a refresh in the morning, you get yourself a coffee and waffle at Maison de Gigi (IG:@maisondegigimy). OMG!! I think every wednesday i won't moody as i have a lot dessert to try !!

For more information, 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caffebene.asia
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caffebenemy/

Photo taken using Olympus new launch mirrorless camera EPL-9.

Till Then, Anyeong
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