【Korea 韓國 2018】8D7N Jeju-Seoul Trip 濟州島-首爾 8天7夜 自助遊 【Winter 冬天】

by - February 12, 2018

Hey travellover, I'm still in Korea mode. Korea is a place which can make you addicted. WHY I SAY SO?! The place, environment, people, food, fashion, beauty, music and lots more are always up to date! Jeju and Seoul are giving me totally different feel when I visit those state. I've been Jeju last year April and really love this place so much. Jeju was suitable for people who want to get away from busy city and stay close to nature for relaxing. While Seoul is a metropolitan that full of updated technology, fashion and beauty.  
 **If you plan to go Korea during spring, you can see this POST.

Still reminiscing the moment sitting leisurely in the cafe listening to Korean song. This time i had followed a tour instead of renting a car as I wish to have another new experience. I have chosen a travel agency that has been in Jeju for 15 years plus. They have tours in multi-language like Chinese, English, Cantonese, Korean. 

Let's start our wander journey!
--- DAY 1 ---
Can't sleep in the middle of the night is torturing!! As our flight is in the early morning, we have to depart to KLIA2 at late night. Maybe I'm too excited I can't sleep. We have our supper at the Family Mart as I damn like their tom yum base fishcake!! Finally, we get on the plane and our seat is separated. WTfish!! 

After 5hours plus napping, the flight attendant announced we have reached earlier at Jeju International Airport. The airport is kinda small so it was a long queue in the customs area. And when I step out the arrival hall, I saw my name on a board. OMG! like a star! "Syok sendiri". I have met my tour guide aka driver of the day, Ricky and also MinHo, a local Korean. Ricky is a friendly and humorous person who able to speak Cantonese, Chinese and English. While Minho able to speak in Chinese too beside Korean. So there is no worry of communication during the trip. I have pick up my unlimited data simcard at the arrival hall before leaving the airport. 

Since this is my second time to Jeju, I went to the place I had never been. First stop, we have visited the Yongduam Rock 용두암

Once we arrived, the sea breezes damn strong and started snowing. Ricky has explained the existence of this Yongduam Rock. Yong means dragon. And you will see the dragon head rock at the Yongduam.
Just a stone's thrown away from Yongduam Rock was the Yongyeon Cloud Bridge 용연다리. You will see the beautiful Yongyeon Pond 용연where the river water meets the sea water. The pond is so deep, the bottom cannot be seen. Seriously if the weather is good, the view of the Yongyeon bridge is damn captivating. 
Then, we went for lunch at nearby. When you come to Jeju, one of the local dishes you cannot be missed is the abalone porridge especially in this cold winter season. 
I feel damn warm when eating the abalone porridge. I like their side dishes as well especially the green seaweed. The green seaweed damn crunchy when I chewed it.
After that, we went to the Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market 동문재래시장 which sold a lot local stuff like tangerine, seafood and many more. 
We didn't buy anything as the tour guide say the tangerine there is expensive. Then we walk to the Jungang Underground Shopping Center which is near to Dongmun Market. The clothes at there kinda old and pricey. We plan to shop at Seoul so just window shopping around there. 
Then, we went to a DIY workshop. We have DIY natural soap, perfume and lip balm. Is kinda interesting. The tutor is a local university lecturer which is expert in making natural soap. The one I did is flower soap, flower scent perfume and chocolate lip balm. Really smell like choco and feel wanna eat it.
Then, we went to check-in at Haema Hotel 해마 호텔. I damn like this hotel as it has a CU convenient store in it. We took bath before went out for dinner. 
The dinner place was located just a few steps behind our hotel. We went to this BBQ black pork shop 칼맞은삼겹살 twice because is tasted so damn nice! nice! nice! I need to mention it three times as it's tasted too yummy. 
Remember to order cold noodle 냉면. One spoon of cold noodle with a piece of pork was a perfect match.

---DAY 2 ---
Anyeong! We have our first breakie at our hotel. The ambience of hotel cafe was damn good. We have a great time to enjoy our breakfast. Their breakfast is either Western style or Korean style. 
After our light breakfast, our tour guide Ricky and Changsu is ready to pick us for the outing. They prepared us the tangerine ginger tea since the weather is cold. 
First stop was the Jeju Jocheon Swiss Village 조천 스위스 빌리지. The colourful building was a perfect place for us to take photos. 

Fortunately, the moment we went down from the car, the sky started snowing heavily and wind blew strongly. Can you imagined that?! The wind can blow us away and we really cannot stand properly. 
Best season to visit is Spring. This would be the place for couples to take photos. 

Later, we went to Jeju Folk Village 제주민속촌. Jeju Folk Village has been a casting place for the Korean drama 《Dae Jang Geum》. 

The aggressive black pig excited when met its long last friend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Before that, we will see a lot of Dol Hareubang around the Jeju Island. Ricky has told us about the story of this stone grandfather. The one with a raised right hand symbolized a civil officer meanwhile a raised left hand refer to a military officer.
Kinda interesting when you know the life of ancient Korean in real. Now I know more about Jeju history. After that, we went for lunch. This time we had tried the Braised mackerel with radish 고등어무조림, Spicy stir-fried pork and Seafood Ramyeon with a nice view.

We then went to the Seongsan Illculbong 성산 일출봉 and watch the women divers show.
I damn impressed with them as they can dive into the sea for a long time in such a cold weather. 
I have been tried their homemade abalone porridge too. MUST TRY !! Then, we went to Woljeong beach 월정리해변

The view of the beach was damn nice as it has the windmill around it. There was some wooden chair for you to take photos with your love ones or friends. 
The Dol Hareubang has shifted back to the cafe
Next station we had visited the Sangumburi Crater 산굼부리
I will recommend you guys to pin down this on your schedule. This is the best place to watch sunset especially the autumn season. 
Is time to have a dessert. We went to the Hallasan 1950 한라산 to buy the famous Hallasan cake. 
The owner has created four signature flavour that represented Jeju season. The taste of cake just met my taste as it neither too sweet nor too bitter. Besides that, they also sell cookies in matcha, chocolate and vanilla flavour as well. I like it too and brought back some as a souvenir.

After that, we went to the No Man's cafe 무인카페 which is recently becoming a hotspot for the local. 
This cafe was quite special as it doesn't have owner taking care of the cafe. All the things were self-service include the payment. 
You just pay with how much you think is worth. The cafe is decorated with beautiful flowers, wooden table and wooden chair. 
You can make yourself tea or coffee or grab some cookies as well. The most beautiful part is the cafe was facing to the sea. Sitting there leisurely and enjoy your tea with a great sea view.
Dinner time we went to a Chinese restaurant to have jjajangmyeon 짜장면
After finish our dinner, we went for a walk around our hotel area (Singwang-ro street) and grabbed some skincare and cosmetic products too. 

--- DAY 3 ---
Good Morning !! Our first stop was O'sulloc Tea Museum 오설록 티뮤지엄. Today snowing heavily as lots of cars stuck in the middle of the road. Now I just realized they are using snow chain to prevent the car from sliding. When we arrive the museum, the snow started to fall again. We visit the tea museum and having the green tea swiss roll and ice cream as well.
Although it was my second time visit this place, I still can't resist eating their signature ice cream. Then we headed to the Innisfree Jeju house and the sky started snowing heavily again. 

Nothing much change but the stamping postcard become a paper already.

After that, we had visited the Yongmeori Coast 용머리해안. I walk along the coastline and enjoy the unique cliff and ocean wave. Before went into the cliff, you will pass by a big pirate ship.
During the time, the wind blew damn strong which make me cannot stand well. Really a great place to visit. 
Finally i can try the ChiChiPong at Jeju.
Wee! it was lunchtime. We proceed to Seogwipo Olle Maeil Market 서귀포매일올레시장 that I really want to revisit again. The food there damn tempting. I had eaten Tteokbokki, Fishcake, Kimchi pancake, BBQ pork stick, cheesy octopus bread and many more. Damn, I still missed those foods.
Since last time I had visited the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, then this time I visit the Jeongbang Waterfall 정방폭포, the only in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. 
The view was spectacular. I prefer this waterfall compare to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. 
We then went to Sinchang windmill coastal road 신창 풍차해안. The wind blew getting more stronger and we went back into the car after struggle walking outside. LOL 
We went down again when the wind stopped.  The ocean wave really looked like the tsunami. Damn scary!!!

Our dinner was at Hwamokwon 화목원. Their famous dish is fresh seafood. I had eaten a lot of raw seafood. Have a great night before departing to Seoul on next day. The snow and icy condition become worst and worst.
--- DAY 4 ---
Waking up in the morning and feeling damn excited because we gonna depart to Seoul. Ricky has sent us to the airport and we had breakfast at Lotteria. At first, the flight was announced will be delayed but after we finished our breakfast, the flight was cancelled. Immediately i contacted Ricky to inform him. 
We went to the Tway ticket counter to get the earliest flight after picking up our luggage back. So, I had learned to handle this kind of situation. Perhaps no next time. Click this【Link】to check out my experience on taking this airline.
After a few minutes, he came to pick us again and went for lunch.  Whole Jeju became a white island. 

Ricky had told us this was the most serious snow he had met. We were damn lucky. I had my lunch at 김밥천국 along Singwang-ro street.This time I had ordered my favourite dish kimchi chiggae.While waiting for hotel check-in, we went to the Angel-in-us cafe having some coffee. I had ordered matcha latte. It tasted damn nice.

After that, we had gone back hotel for a rest and taking bath. Later, we went shopping again before Ricky pick us up for dinner. Seriously, Korea is a shopping heaven. Ricky had recommended us to try pork noodle soup at 올래국수
A lot of Korean artists been there before. The soup was clear and tasty. It warmed my stomach during the cold weather. I tried to eat the chilli like a local but end up too spicy as I accidentally eaten the chilli seeds.

--- DAY 5 ---
We went to the airport and ask the Tway counter again for the earliest flight again. Once we get the immediate ticket, we run to the departure area.  Finally, we can board onto the plane. Phew~~The view from the plane was damn awesome. 
Within the time, our plane has reached Seoul. The view from an island to a city change instantly. We take the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) to our Airbnb which located near to Hongik University Station.

Our stay really looked like a sweet room. The room had a small kitchen area. It was well equipped with essential toiletries. I really fell in love with this Airbnb.【Link】 If you haven't register yet, you can click【Link】to register and get RM120 credit.
After taking bath, we went to get some clothes at Terminal Bus Express Station 고속터미널역 Exit 8.  Once I arrived, I was amazed by all the price of the clothes. From price 3000won till 15000won, it was worth to buy clothes at there as the quality was quite good. 
Remember to bring cash as most of the shop only accept cash. I managed to buy a nice waterproof long white coat at 39,000won. I had spent 3 hours there and end up a lot of plastic bag in my hand. We decided to put back the haul back to Airbnb before dinner. 
After that, we went to the Piggy Bank 돼지저금통 to have our BBQ pork feast!
In Korea, one person needs to order one piece of pork. But there is not a problem for us because at last, we ordered 3 pieces. LOL We really can't resist the juiciness of the meat.
After that, we went for a walk around the Hongdae. Listened to the live music performance was damn good. 
I had told Cherrie I want to sing at there too. Kinda interesting right?! Next time tho' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

--- DAY 6 ---
We woke up early in the morning and went to shuttle bus pick-up point for going ski. We need around 2 hours to reach the Vivaldi Ski Park. Before that, I have booked the package at Funtastic Korea website. I have written down my ski experience in another post. (LINK)
After ski, we just walked around Hongdae and found out a cafe Waffle Monster 와플몬스터 
The cafe ambience damn cosy and the waffle was met my taste. The cream that they use is handmade blueberry instead of whipped cream. I had ordered a grapefruit tea too. Recommend to try their waffle and drinks as well.
I like the LED decoration in the cafe. This place suitable for couples dating.
After that, we went back to Airbnb for a rest. Before that, I saw a lot of people queuing up for the Takoyaki stall near to our Airbnb and decided to give a try. We plan to go DDP and Dongdaemun area but end up sleeping till the morning. Haha XD

--- Day 7 ---
Good morning!! We went to the famous cafe --- Florte flower cafe 플로르떼 to meet our friend.
We have ordered 3 set of drinks and a muffin as well.  This cafe was instagrammable as all corner can be a great backdrop take photos. 
After that, we went Gwangjang Market 광장시장. We had started our eating journey again. Eating Ttoekbokki, Eating kimbap, Eating Live Octopus too. The aunty in the market was very friendly. The small bench at the market was equipped with the heater as well so that we won't feel cold while eating.  
Then we wore the hanbok to the Gyeongbokgung 경복궁. For your information, wearing hanbok can enter the Gyeongbokgung with FREE entrance fee. But due to lack of time, we just wear for around one hour. The place was damn beautiful. We had taken a lot of photos. Thanks to my bitchy 여자친구 for doing beautiful hair braid for me.
Then we went to the airport for going back to Jeju. Although we have only a little time at Seoul, I'm sure I will be back there again. When we reached Jeju, Ricky come and pick us up again. We had gone back to the same BBQ shop again. We did our last shopping and back to the hotel for repacking.

On the next day, we had our breakfast at Issac Toast before departing to the Jeju airport. 
Before boarding, I had done my tax refund by submitting the receipt to the counter at the departure hall. And they asked me to go the tax refund counter near gate 14 (in the boarding area)for getting back my money. Hmmm...their tax refund process kinda easy as we do not need to get stamp from the custom anymore.
This counter is near to Gate 14 

After this trip, I realized that there are also a lot of benefits of a private tour in Jeju. Firstly, you can personalise your own schedule and route. Meanwhile, you no need to worry about get lost in this island as they provide you with an experienced driver.  The public transport now still upgrading process so usually need to wait at least 30minutes for the bus. During winter, if you not familiar with snowy road drive, I will recommend you to get a private car driver instead of self-drive. One more thing worth to be praised is their service. Due to sudden flight cancel, Cherrie and I need to stay one more night in Jeju. I had informed the Jeju Ever Tour person-in-charge, summer about our flight cancel and immediately she helped us to settle our accommodation.  Their tour guides were friendly and able to speak multi-languages. With their guided tour, I can try the local food recommend by them. =)

Photos are taken using Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii with 7-14mm lens

Jeju Tour information:
Jeju Ever Tour 濟州愛寶旅行社
Website: https://www.jejuevertour.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travel.chriswang/
Email: koreajejuevertour@gmail.com
Contact:+82 64 900 8828

读者优惠Reader Special Gift: If you mentioned my blog to them, you can get a FREE ONE WAY airport transfer after you have engaged their tour. 
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