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by - July 27, 2017

This is my second time using travel recommends and has great services from them. So, I decided to use them again for Korea Trip.  I have a great time sharing during my travel. I have brought this to my Jeju-Busan so I can share my travel updates instantly all the time.

I have done my online renting and then I just went to the Tune Store @ KLIA2 to get my device since I departed from KLIA2. So you also can return it by dropping back the device into the Return Box at the Tune Store after you have back from your trips too.  
Inside the bag, it will contain a cable, the mobile device, a universal adapter and a confirmation invoice. If you wish to have a power bank, you may rent it from them too. 

The first things I like their service is convenient.  As long as I fly from KLIA2, I no need to grab the device in advance and just get it on fly day. 
My first destination was Jeju Island. During the time, I had no problem to surf the internet to check my places to go or contacted my family that I safely arrived. I even have a WhatsApp call from my friend and we had a smooth conversation.

Besides, the usage of the data was unlimited throughout the day. So, I keep on uploading my photos to my social media.

My second destination is Busan. From an Island to a city area, the coverage is better and stable. The thing you have to remember is you cannot put the device into the bag all day as it will get heated in a closed bag. You have to take it out let it cool down for a minute.

My Thoughts: I quite satisfied with the smooth connection of Internet. Besides that, I have no worries and keep updated my social media and status all the time. The service is easy and fast. Even in the Jeju Island I still can get a smooth connection.  The one I like is the unlimited data and I can share to 5 users.  Other than that, a good feature worth to be shared is the battery life is quite good as it can stand at least 6 hours. 

The rate for South Korea now is RM15/day with unlimited usage. 

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This is my referral link for you : http://www.travelrecommends.com?rc=CUIVXU

More info, check on their 

 Travellover823[More updates]
  @travellover23 [More photos]

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  1. Well, i'm looking for some discount for the wifi egg. So i used your promo code, but i don't found that i receive any offer or discount. Just to inform you that the promo code might malfunction, by the way, good day to you.

    1. Thanks for reminding. the code has been updated. You may use it now as it valid till end of August.

  2. HI! We are going to Seoul this month. I came across your website as we are looking for pocket wifi rental. Thank you for recommending the promo code. It helps us a lot :)