Road Trip to Krabi 4 Days 3 Nights

by - January 10, 2017

Sawadee Ka Travellover !! Before I update my Japan Trip, just reveal my short 3D2N Krabi Trip! In this year, I have done some crazy thing during travel include my previous Vietnam trip and now is Krabi Trip. Once In a lifetime, you need to do something out of your limit, that’s why I do this and lucky to have some crazy friends do it together.

#OOTD Top: Sbase
There are many ways to go Krabi and we choose to go by car.  From KL to Krabi, need about 10 hours plus and around 900km drive to reach Krabi. 

This is simple and crazy itinerary we had.
DAY 1: KL –Alor Setar
DAY 2: Alor Setar –Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint – Krabi Ao Nang
DAY 3: Island Hopping
DAY 4: Emerald Pool & Blue Pool – Wang Kelian Checkpoint – KL

Things to prepare before checkpoint
1. Car Registration Card              
2. Car Insurance (buy at place near to Custom checkpoint --- Changlun)  
3. Thai Immigration Card
Note: Please take note that you need to queue up at Car Permit Kiosk (beside the counter 10) to complete your car registration which different from the counter you stamp your passport.

Currency Exchange: Baht (Rate: 12.58)
Mobile wifi: Pocket Wifi from Travel Recommend (Click Here

--- DAY 1---
For the first day, we stay overnight at Alor Setar at Genial Garden Hotel and depart to Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint the next day. Before drove into Danok, we had bought the car insurance at the place near the custom. 
Friendly reminder: Better to depart to the checkpoint early in the morning as we have spent 2 hours at the checkpoint!!!

--- Day 2 ---
After that, we depart directly to Krabi which required another 5 hours plus to reach Ao Nang, Krabi. During the journey, we have our KFC lunch at Tesco Sadao. Their loaded bowl was simply the best! 
Then, we checked in Ao Nang Miti Resort and find a nearer place to have our dinner. 
Since we have our Malay colleague together, all the food we had were Halal. And there was not a problem to find Halal food as I can see a lot of Halal restaurant at Ao Nang.
After we had our dinner, we took a Tuk Tuk to the nearest night market which near a Mosque. 
We found that actually, we can go there by foot because it was located just a stone thrown away from our resort.  The night market quite small and we continue to walk until the Ao Nang Beach.  There are a lot of bars, restaurants, massage shop and tour agency along the road.  While waiting for friends buying stuff at 7-Eleven, I had the famous choco banana pancake! 
Peanut butter Pancake
At the same time, we had found a package for island hoping and try to negotiate for the price. At last, we had chosen the Phi Phi Island Tour! The small counter just beside Ao-Nang Kuang Paow Halalfood Restaurant.

After settled our next day schedule, we went to Ao Nang Beach.  The night was still young as I saw a lot of people relax on the beach and band singing in the café. Kinda relax! 

#OOTD Top: Sbase
We walk until the end of the beach and had a drink. One of my colleagues a drink with a funny name “Sex on the Beach”!! After that, we went back to resort to have a rest. 

--- Day 3 ---
I felt damn excited as this was my first island hopping from all the trips. The Tuk Tuk came to take us the assembly point-  We were lucky as the weather was good for whole day.
Island Hopping Package (Phi Phi Island Tour)
Time: 8.30am – 6.30 pm (By Speedboat)
Price: 1300 Bht
Bamboo Island: Explore the white sand beach and crystal clear sea water
Maya Bay: Stunning beaches for the Hollywood film “The Beach”
Lohsamah Bay: Enjoy Snorkelling with the colourful fish and coral
Phileh Bay: Sightseeing and 20min swimming at beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi Leh
Viking Cave & Monkey Beach: Photography and Sightseeing
Phi Phi Don Island: Lunch
Include hotel transfer, Mask & Snorkel set, Life Jacket, Drinking Water, Fruit, lunch, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, Insurance
The Chicken Island
The Bamboo Island
The Viking Cave

Phileh Bay 

Lohsamah Bay

Monkey Beach

Maya Bay - The film scene of "The Beach" casted by Leornado Dicarpio 

Lunch @ Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don

We went back to the resort and took a shower. After that, we went to Atta-Rak Massage Ao Nang to have a nice massage.  I had tried their Foot & Hand Massage which cost me 300bht. I was satisfied with the therapist service. I will recommend you try them. 

My personal therapist 
Later, we went for our dinner. We had our seafood feast at Aonang Kung Paow Halal Food restaurant. It was located along the road. 

--- Day 4 ---
Finally, come to the last day in Krabi. I had bought some bread and fish fillet burger from Family Mart. 
We went to the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool which need about 2hours drive to before back to Malaysia.  We do not swim there because short of time. The pool really crystal clear and the fish can easily see through the water.  *Entrance Fee--200Bht
Then, we continued our journey back to Malaysia, we set the wrong destination in the waze and drove to Wang Kelian Checkpoint which was smaller than the Bkt Kayu Hitam [Danok] Checkpoint. 
A new place was discovered. Anyway, we reached KL in midnight. This experience was never fade in my memory.

Genial Garden
Address: No. 121, Jln Manggis 1, 05300 Alor Setar, Taman Manggis, 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah
Price: ~RM87 [For 3 pax]
How I book: phone call [04-7332999]
My Review: The room was equipped with basic facilities. The price quite cheap and the room is clean. 

Ao Nang Miti Resort
Address: 262 Moo 2, Leela Valley Village, Soi 11, Krabi, Mueang Krabi District, KR 81000, Thailand
Rate: 2 ½ star
Price: RM 176/night [For 3 pax]
How I book:
My Review: My room is a 3-person room which faced to the pool. The place is quite spacious and cosy. The resort was very near to restaurant, family mart, 7-eleven and night market. Those places were just walking distance from the resort.

1. Driving (Total: 4ppl)
Petrol: Around RM65/pax
Toll: RM30/pax
Car insurance + immigration form: RM8.75/pax
2. Walking

1. A-Hud Seafood
Address: 238 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand
Time: 11am- 11pm
Price: 1055 Bht
Review: Mango Salad must try

Address: 18 Moo 2 Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand
Price: 1023 Bht
Review: Steamed fish with lime and garlic must try 
3. Lunch near the entrance of Emerald Pool
Price: 790 Bht

This is my 4D3N trip to KRABI. Hope you guys enjoy reading this post! 


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  1. Hi dear! I just wonder is it really worthy to go Emerald Pool and Blue Pool? Because I read alot bad comments about that place from trip advisor and was really crowded with the locals especially during the holiday, and the water is not really crystal clear huhu

    1. For me, i think is worth because i go there in the early morning around 10am. At first, i thought there will be crowded with people but i saw not much people there. And the fish really can see through the water. So, is depend on the time you go the Emerald Pool.

  2. Save this post becuse would like to try to go Krabi by driving! Thanks love!

  3. so much fun there. Lovely road trip it seems

  4. Hurm.
    Now I think I wanna travel up north by car too.
    That will be such an adventure.

    1. is good to experience it before you get old ! XD

  5. I miss my Krabi trip and really would love to go there again! So nice!

  6. I saw "900km" and choked a little! Omg! Seems like so much fun, though. I've been to Krabi several times but never thought to drive up there!


    1. haha..this is unforgettable experience i had in my life ! Never regret~ You should try it one day ^^

  7. Love your outfit looks very comfortable, and also love the beach!!

    - much love, Mariel

  8. oh wow... such a gorgeous and amazing trip.. did you see the monkeys swim... my daughter saw monkeys swimming there...

    1. ya..i did ! I also saw some monkey don't like to swim..haha

  9. I was wondering why it is called a "Chicken Island" then I stared to your photos for few minutes which made me realized, it does looks like a chicken! only a chicken who is sitting :) I love your photos

    1. yaya...thanks ya ! you should go n see it one day ! XD

  10. I am thinking of going to Krabi for a short vacay. Its so fun and nearby too.

  11. Thanks for sharing this road trip experience. I had especially wanted to read the procedure driving into Thailand.

  12. OMG the beach!!! So clear the water...T.T I want to go too...ok now only i know that there's a lot of halal food there... glad you enjoyed your trip babe!

    1. go go go !! I'm sure you will enjoy the scenery too!

  13. Thanks for sharing, dear! Detailed explanation of your trip. Really #yolo trip, I can't imagine driving that distance.

  14. This reminds me myself when I was still single, I can go anywhere, I climbed mountains with my crazy friends. Now, I can't do the same since I have a kid and husband to take care of. Unless, they come with me! Lols.

    Mhaan |

    1. Ya, i'm understand your condition ~ Hope you got the chance to experience this kind of road trip again =)

  15. Haven't been there yet nvm next time you bring me haha

  16. Finally I found a blog entry regarding a drive to Krabi. I will use it as guidance when I go there soon. Thank you!

    1. Aww~ Glad you like it ! Hope this post can help you ^^ Enjoy your trip to Krabi

  17. Cool! I never thought of driving there. It's a good idea, but I already bought flights. Thanks for sharing! Planning my trip now, really helped

  18. Hi May, love your post. May I know how much exactly you spend total on your Krabi trip? Thanks.

    1. Hi Angel, It was approximately RM750 for the whole trip =)

  19. Thank you for this blog post. It is very detailed, informative and useful.

  20. Thank you very much your sharing. It is really very usefull.

  21. Yes is very useful inforamtion about Krabi.

  22. Very useful tips.. Thanks for sharing. We can use for our Krabi road trip in 2 weeks time.

    1. Thanks and glad you like it =) Enjoy your krabi trip ! XD

  23. Hi..where and when to apply international driving permit?

    1. Hi Qusanssori, i just get updated. actually Malaysian no need to apply international driving permit to go into Thailand.

  24. You guys are crazy. hahaha. If you drive further up (abt 5-6 hours north) you shall reach Ranong. Quite beautiful too (if forestry is your passion). There are hot water spring in Ranong. Golden Grass too are quite stunning scenery. From Ranong you may take approx 40 mins of boat ride to Myanmar. I think it called Kawthaung but I'm not quite certain. More stunning POI in Myanmar to visit.

  25. Hi, I saw that you entered Thailand through Bukit Kayu Hitam border, and went back through Wang Kelian, thats mean, it is not necessarily to get out from the same border? And the export/import need to be return actually can be return at different border you came in? TQVM

    1. For both question, my answer is yes. no necessary to go out at the same border. =)

  26. Was looking for more info on road trip to Krabi n found yr interesting blog. Will use it as a guide as was contemplating to drive there for few yrs ady. Its now or never coz 60 soon. Thank Shinmay, very daring indeed

  27. Really appreciated your information shared. Actually we are going to Krabi and your blog really give us guidance to reach there by car. Such a wonderful experience. Thank you very much Shimay.