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by - January 25, 2017

Starting a new year with fun and healthy lifestyle with my girlfriends. Our first 5 km run of the year!! Now you might think it's just 5 km only but to wake up early in the weekend morning is not easy..but as promised we make it to the end. Let's see what happens in That 70 run by symphony life.  


Running checkpoint where you can stop for a while and lets dancing, rock like a 70s !! 
Yeah! We got it =) 

Along the way, we chat a lot on what's our new year resolutions. One of is we wanna join more run event in this year!! maybe once in every month. Our goal is to become fitter and into a lifestyle of blogging. Yeah finally got our stunning purplish 360 spinning medal yo!! we also like our comfortable run blue shirts. They're so colourful!! During the run, I have seen the parents enjoying pushing the stroller with their kids! This was a right way to have a closer bonding with your child. What's a warm moment they had!

Posing at the backdrop ! So Cool ^^
Children's Heaven - The Playground
Children playing with the bubbles happily
I got a flower from a clown ..Haha
Food truck that selling tempting food

What's more after reached? there's a lot of activities that we have done. Collected our goodies bag, mini-fest with food trucks available, a voucher is given to purchase, taking more photo,  children activities, best dress retro outfit, on stage games, and lucky draw. Overall, what we have observed is everyone is having fun either with their family or friends. You never walk alone!!  We hope we gonna have more run event in the future and we wanna you to join us too..see you soon..bye!!

live a better life,
live a colourful life,
live a healthy life 

Written by Lee Yann & Edited by Shin May 
Photo by Shin May


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