[My favourite Moisturising skincare] Innisfree (Green Tea) & Nature Republic Aloe Vera | Korea

by - March 29, 2016

Target >>>Innisfree & Nature Republic
Origin >>> Korea
Skincare Series >>> Green Tea & Aloe Vera
Function: Soothing and moisturising

My moisture routine

Step 1: Innisfree  Green Tea  Balancing Skin 绿茶平衡调理水
-is a thick watery mixture , not like the normal toner
-almost 87% of the mixture is the green tea extract
-After I using it, I can feel instant moisture on my face and most importantly, it won’t feel sticky on my face!  It smells good too.

---87% 所含济州无农药生绿茶水的新鲜水分
My review: ☆☆☆☆ (suitable for all type of skin)
Step 2: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum绿茶籽精华
-After using it, I feel that my skin absorb the serum and prevent moisture loss.
But I feel a little bit sticky on my face. So after I apply the serum, I will apply the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. This serum has tightened my skin pore make my skin more firm.

---這是我第一次用精华液, 我觉得保湿度很高,只是用了後,稍微有点粘粘的感觉,不過,我會搽多一层芦荟舒缓保湿凝胶後~ 我觉得用了之後,我的皮肤毛孔收缩,變得更紧实.

My Review: ☆☆☆ (For oily skin, better apply one more layer of aloe vera gel so that not feeling sticky)

Step 3 Innisfree  Green Tea Seed Cream (Morning apply 早敷) 绿茶籽保湿面霜

-I never use this type of cream before as this cream is not soft feel type.  But I like this so much !!
This product won’t give you a sticky feel for sure!
This product I will recommend to my friend ~

---它的性质与普通的面霜不一样,感觉有凝胶的feel, 可是又不是凝胶,呵呵! 不過,我是非常喜歡這个产品! 绝对不會有粘粘的感觉~ 我會介绍给朋友~

My Review: ☆☆☆☆ suitable for all types of skin



Step 3: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel  自然共和国芦荟舒缓保湿凝胶

---This product is awesome as it has multi-purpose either for skin or hair.
---Sometimes I feel lazy to apply skincare product,  I will just put on this.
---non-sticky feel
---Aloe Vera smell  Nice!
---it cheap also!!


My Review☆☆☆☆suitable for all types of skin
How I get this product ??!!
Is  Althea Korea !


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  1. i've tried aloe vera from nature republic too. i use it every night ask sleeping mask.

    1. yaya..i use this aloe vera since they launched..

  2. innisfree indeed is a good brand. Currently using their toner. Good one!

  3. after apply this sure leng leng liao~ =)

  4. Always been a fan of the Aloe Vera. So soothing when my skin feels dry.. my sister cried when a bottle she bouth from korea fell on the floor and half was gone.

  5. love this series alot because of the moisturizing benefits! :D im using the aloe vera soothing gel too

  6. maybe u should do a quick demo but i know those are good products

  7. I love to use any moisturizing products that related to aloe vera anyway. Will give a try to this brand. ^.^

  8. loving the aloe vera gel too! But heard that green tea seed serum is also a great products too. will definitely find out

  9. When I was in Korea, my friends bought a lot back to Msia.
    Heard lotta good reviews of this product. Will try it myself someday.

  10. I love Innisfree products too...and yup... those Aloe Vera gel is heavenly...I had a bad sun burn the other day and from using that ALoe Very gel, fortunately my skin did not start peeling...

  11. I like this brand for its quality too, the Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is my favorite :)

  12. I always used the nature republic aloe vera gel as my lotion!! becoz it is really moisture for my skin!!

  13. Tried both of them and I love it too =D

  14. Aloe vera is all time favourite for skin caring and soothing as well.

  15. Didn't hear about this brand before. Green Tea and Aloe Vera are both very good for skin. Thanks for sharing about this brand.

  16. I use the green tea seed serum line too because it's the most effective and non sticky moisturizer so far

  17. innisfree always look great... always in my my fb news feed tau I would like to give a try !

  18. aloe vera is so good. and the brand also known for their good product. nice one!

  19. I just starting using Innisfree products. It does not gfeel sticky or tighten my skin. I love it so much.

  20. This is really my fav brand too coz it's very gentle on the skin and great for sensitive skin like mine

  21. These are my favorite skincare products too!! Especially the aloe vera gel!