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[日本必买手信Souvenir] 日本伴手礼 Japanese souvenir Tokyo Banana 必 买之外 ,我将會介 绍 大家另一个必 买 的手礼,它是日本人會送 给 朋友的手信,它就是 ---- Merveille 小甜 饼 干 。它是 野 鸽 的 长 期 畅销 商品甜点,超精致的 ~ 包装精美,里...
Tokyo Banana 买之外,我将會介大家另一个必的手礼,它是日本人會送朋友的手信,它就是----Merveille小甜。它是畅销商品甜点,超精致的~包装精美,里有三种口味,分别是巧克力牛奶咖啡我特愛斯威特薄薄的巧克力,却可以出香的味道,不多不少,不会太 (本身不喜吃甜食). 

Besides Tokyo Banana, I want to introduce you all another must-buy souvenir in Japan. The Japanese will bring their friend this present ----Merveille small chocolate biscuit. It was Colombin’s long best seller. In the package, it contains three flavours is sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and coffee. For me, I prefer the sweet chocolate, thin chocolate filling, but you can smell the fragrant taste of the chocolate. It neither too much nor too sweet. It’s perfect to serve with my favourite green tea. What’s a nice tea-time!

味道 Taste☆☆☆☆
包装 Package☆☆☆☆
Price中等 around RM70 

Other than this, Colombin still sells other cute things.
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The packet actually is in purple colour~


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