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by - November 21, 2017

Hi Guys! Have you bought your Jeju Flight tickets? Starting 8 October 2018, Air Asia has launched the new direct route to Jeju. This is a great news for the Malaysian. If you have followed my blog, you will know i've been Jeju since this April.

Tell you the facts of Jeju. 
It was a volcanic island
Jeju is 3X bigger than Singapore
Jeongbang waterfall is the ONLY waterfall in Asia that fall directly into the ocean
Hallasan is the tallest mountain in South Korea.
Jeju experience four seasons although being classified as the warmest place in Korea

Season 【What can you see】
-Cherry Blossom @ Aewol-eup

-Canola Flower @ near Seongsan Ilculbong

Credit: Jeju Weekly

-Pink Sliver Grass @ 산굼부리

Credit: Blog Naver
Snow @ Hallasan
There is some new attraction to be discovered in Jeju too
↠ ↠Jeju Rail Bike 제주레일바이크
Now you not only can having rail bike at Gangchon, Chun Cheon, but also at Jeju too. You can enjoy the beautiful seaside view during the ride. Another awesome activities you can do when you visit Jeju. 

Admission Fee
11,250 Won [Link

Admission Time: 

Photo credit

↠ ↠The Painters: HERO 페인터즈: 히어로
This is an innovative non-verbal performance that stages the entire process of painting combined with incredible visual effects and a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy. Audiences will enjoy a play, an art show, and a musical in a single performance that creates about 10 art pieces live on stage through an 80-minute, excitement-filled show. This show makes amazed and I really impressed by their performance. What I can say the ticket is worth the price! 

Performance Times
January 1, 2016 - Open Run
Monday-Sunday (Open all year round) / 17:00, 20:00

Admission/Participation Fees
Premium 80,000 Won / VIP 60,000 Won 
S 50,000 Won / A 40,000 Won

Duration of Performance
85 minutes

Cheaper deal, Check here: [Link]

↠ ↠ Jeju Shinhwa World Theme Park

The new attraction that opens in this year. Jeju Shinhwa world is an exciting and prestigious world-class integrated resort located in South Western of Jeju. The most interesting part is one of their partners was the YG entertainment. This must be the good news for the big bang fans! Another place to visit after GD Monsant Cafe.

Admission Time:
Open 365days [10.00-1800] 

Admission Fee:
Children [3-12yrs]: 35,000Won
Under 3 yrs old: FREE

↠ ↠Museum of African Art 아프리카미술관

When i first time of Museum of African Art in Jeju, i was doubt how African culture will blend with Jeju Culture. Is kinda new combination i have seen. That's why you need to discover what special about this Museum.

Credit: Visit Jeju

Festival in Jeju 
Jan ↣↣ International Seogwipo Winter Sea Penguin Swimming Festival
Apr ↣↣ Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival; Jeju Canola Flower Festival
May ↣↣  Jeju Food & Wine Festival
Jul ↣↣ Stepping Stone Music Festival 
Aug ↣↣ Jeju Music Festival 
Sept ↣↣ KOREAT Jeju Festival; Jeju International Cycle Festival; Jeju Tamna Festival
Oct ↣↣ Olle Walking Festival 
Nov ↣↣ Moseulpo Bangeo Festival 
Dec ↣↣ Jeju Winter Festival; Seongsan Sunrise Festival

New Public Transport:
Payment: T-Money [Can be top up through any convenience store]
** You will get up to 2 free transfer within 40minutes ride

1. There is FREE WIFI on every bus 
2. There 4 main transit centers: Airport, Seogwipo Bus Terminal, Donggwang Transit Center [Tourist Shuttle Bus 820]  & Daecheon Transit Center [Tourist Shuttle Bus 810] 
Credit: KTOMalaysia, Jeju 

3.Express Line Buses
Express Line 101
↬↬ First Bus 0635 
↷↷Last Bus 10.00pm
Route: Airport ↦ Hamdeok Seoubong Beach ↦ Sehwa ↦ Pyoseon ↦  Namwon ↦  Seogwipo Bus Terminal 

Express Line 102
↬↬ First Bus 0610
↷↷Last Bus 10.12pm
Route: Airport ↦ Jeju 5-day market ↦ Aewol ↦ Hallim ↦ Daejeong ↦ Jungmun Post Office ↦ Seogwipo Bus Terminal

Express Line to Daecheon Transit Center 110, 120
Express Line 110
↳ Destination: Seongsan Sunrise Peak/Seongsan Port [to Udo]
↬↬ First Bus 0640
↷↷Last Bus 10.00pm
Route: Airport ↦ Daecheon Transit Center ↦ Songdang ↦ Seongsan

Express Line 120
↳ Destination: Jeju Folk Village
↬↬ First Bus 0700
↷↷Last Bus 10.00pm
Route: Airport ↦ Daecheon Transit Center ↦ Pyoseon

Express Line to Donggwang Transit Center 150
↳ Destination: Mt. Sanbangsan(Sanbang Cave Temple) , Yongmeori Coast
↬↬ First Bus 0649
↷↷Last Bus 2159pm
Route: Airport ↦ Donggwang Transit Center ↦ Sagye-ri ↦  Moseulpo Port(to Gapado,Marado)

Express Line to Internal Circulation 181,182
↬↬ First Bus 0605
↷↷Last Bus 2230pm
Route: Airport ↦ City Hall(Jeju-si) ↦  Seongpanak ↦ Seogwipo Transit Center ↦  Jungmun Post Office ↦  Donggwang Transit Center ↦ Airport

If you wish to know how to rent a car, you can check on this link Jeju Car Rental
**You need to have international license for renting a car 【For Malaysian】
**What documents you need 【Link
**Although the driver seat on the left side but driving at Jeju kinda safe if you abide with the rule and speed.

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