[Travel Beauty Review] Introduce the all-New Botanical Effects Skin Care from Mary Kay

by - November 14, 2016

As a travel blogger, I always search skincare products that can nourish my skin as I always get sun exposure throughout the day when I travel. Currently, I using Botanical Effect® product from Mary Kay  for about 3 weeks. Now I want to share these great products with you after I have used it. Mary Kay has just launched these products on 1st of November. As you know Mary Kay is renowned for its beauty products and I was satisfied with these new products.

This Mary Kay Botanical Effect®consists of 2 main ingredients which are my favourite. First, is the Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit, the ultimate super fruit contains fatty acids and several B-complex vitamins, including the often-called “anti-stress vitamin” B1(thiamine), plus B2(riboflavin) and B3 (niacin). Furthermore, dragon fruit is full of minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus. The dragon fruit extract in the Botanical Effect® Skin Care is rich in antioxidants to help fight damaging free radical. Thus, it suits for those who always work in the air conditioned room. The second ingredient is the Aloe Vera which is the most nutritious plants in the world as it contains more than 75 nutrients, including 20 minerals and 12 vitamins. Aloe Vera not only helps to maintain the skin moisture barrier and has high vitamin E content(a popular antioxidant in skin care products), but also promote healthy skin and cell turnover. The aloe extract in the Botanical Effect® Skin Care gives your skin an added boost of antioxidants.

Before that, I let you know my skin condition is Dry and Sensitive as a reference.

Let me introduce their 5-series products which are suitable for All Skin Types.
üoil and fragrance-free
üSuitable for sensitive skin (dermatologist tested)
üClinical tested for skin irritancy

1. Botanical Effects Gel Cleanser 127g (RM75): Cleans deeply and effectively, and even dissolves all traces of oil.

Step: Dampen face, neck, and hands. Apply a small amount of cleanser into hands and work into a lather. Massage lather onto face and around your neck. Rinse thoroughly. Recommendation: For a better cleansing, I suggest you to use their cleansing brush to wash your face which allows the skincare products to absorb better and more quickly. Even makeup applies more easily and evenly.

After use: Although it is less foam than the foaming cleanser, but I feel my face quite clean and soothing at the same time. If you have a dry or acne skin, you should try out this gel cleanser.

2. Botanical Effects Exfoliating Scrub 88ml (RM75): Exfoliates to remove dead and dull skin , leaving pores feeling deeply cleaned

Step: Dampen face, neck, and hands. Apply a small amount of scrub into hands and gently massage onto face and neck in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

After use: My skin looks brighter and cleaner. Recommend to use it morning or night after the Gel cleanser 2-3 times a week.

3. Botanical Effects Toner 147ml (RM75): Traces of dirt are wiped away – as are complexion-dulling dead skin cells- for a complete clean.

Steps: After cleaning the skin, apply a small portion to a cotton ball or pad, and smooth over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

After use: I don’t have the sticky feel after using it. It brings the soothing effects to my skin. It is easily absorbed by my skin and I like the scent of the toner at the same time.

4. Botanical Effects Moisturizer 85g (RM85): Quick-absorbing gel does not feel greasy, yet it moisture for 12 hours.

Step: Apply to clean neck and face upward strokes

After use: I have the cooling and soothing feel after apply on my face. I’m personally like this gel moisturizer, even smell so good after a day. Seriously, I love this so much.

5.Botanical Effects Moisturizer SPF30 50ml (RM65): Sun protection plus a full 12 hours of moisturization in one simple step.

Step: Apply liberally prior to sun exposure. Reapply frequently to maintain protection. Avoid contact with eyes.

After use: Do not feel sticky or greasy after apply on it. Even leave a nice smell on my face and neck. 

Overall review: If you asking for sincere advice, I will recommend you guys to give a try on these products as it really has the moisture and soothing effect after applying this botanical effects skin care products. My rate for this products:  in term of scent, texture and moisturizing effects 

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  1. great to hear that, good review! i am also using the Botanical Formula 1 for dry skin. it give me a huge change, i can say Mary Kay does help me a lots. btw, my sis also using the same as yours.

  2. Great stuff to be shared , no wonder you have a great skin....Gambateh .

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