Tottori Food and Tourism Fair @ Isetan KLCC (11-20 Nov 2016)

by - November 11, 2016

Konichiwa, is time to talk about Japan!! 2 months ago, I went to their capital city--Tokyo. I really like their food and culture as well. I totally fall in love and reluctant to went back Malaysia. Now, if you are a Japan lover, you need to finish until the end of this post!

credit to Japan

Do you hear about Tottori? Tottori is home to a range of natural wonders like the sand dunes of Sanin Kaigan Geopark and the towering Mt. Daisen. Another special thing worth to mention is the home of Manga where the born of Kitaro and Detective Conan. Each prefecture will have their own famous food and I will share about Tottori food.

Today I will focus on the Tottori Food Fair that I went on 11th November! There is a lot of Japanese food you can search there.

First, I want to mention about the most famous crab in the town >>>Matsubagani Ryouri the "snow crab.” It has super long arms and is super tasty. You need to try it!! It’s super juicy.  There are 2 types of Matsuba crab at the Tottori Food Fair which is Pine Needle Crab and Red Queen Crab. The crab caught in the morning are boiled but not frozen before being sent directly to you so you can still taste the freshness of the crab.
If you feel want to drink the soup, they also provide Kanijuu in a powder form which is the crab soup using the snow crab. It was selling fast at Tottori food fair. It's a hot-selling product! The Matsuba crab is Tottori's winter delicacy. Enjoy a crab dish with a local sake is a perfect way to spend a winter evening. It can be cooked in a different way like boiled, baked, raw and others.
You can try their Kani Sushi made from the raw snow crab.

Another famous food is their pear and persimmon! There are Shinko pear and Oushu Pear selling in the Tottori Food Fair. They are juicy and crunchy.
Besides that, they also sell non-alcoholic plum wine. I do like their plum wine. You can try it before you buy.

Fresh yam and white leek are the local product from Tottori.  Dune length potato boasts skin is clean, and the long straight. Since the moderate tenacity, it is a silky, available in a variety of dishes as well as a strip cut or grated yam, okonomiyaki, and fried. White leek from Tottori is one the biggest provider of leeks in Western Japan.
sweet snacks
My favourite ice cream!! I bought a Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.It's taste awesome!! You should try it! Another popular flavour is the 20th Century Pear Ice Sherbet! It has a juicy taste!
Soba noodle and Matcha Latte on sale

If you're the first 1000 shopper who purchases Tottori products worth RM 100 and above, you'll stand a chance to join the lucky draw where the prizes including air tickets to Tottori, Iketeru Restaurants vouchers at Hilton Kuala Lumpur and others gifts!!

Thanks for having me in this awesome event! Wish to visit Tottori one day =)

For your information, this event happens once a year ! Remember to pay a visit ya ! ;)

More information:
Date: 11 – 20 November 2016
Time: 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Venue: Concourse Floor, Isetan, Suria KLCC


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