How to make your eyes charming ? 自信的眼神,怎样做到?

by - April 07, 2016

Eyes are a vital part of the body and mind as it lead you to explore this world. You not only can feel the moment, but also see the amazing view of this beautiful earth.  So, we need to protect and take care of our eyes. Sometimes i like to wear colour lens , so my eyes easily can get dry in addition my eyes is sensitive. Haha...
Why our eye get dry easily? Prolonged period of using
>>>Mobile phone
>>>Exposed to different evironmental condition (Haze)

Our eyes get dry because the tear gland produce insufficient tears to moisture our eyes.

Recently, I have found one product called Rhoto Cool Eye Drops  from Mentholatum , Japan.  This is my first time to hear that the eye drops have the cooling effect. At first, I admit I also don’t dare to try the eye drops, and now i tell you it just a small matter..Nothing to scare.  People will that it sting their eyes, but I tell you it's refreshing and soothing. After I putting one drops on my eye, the cooling effect happened instantly and my tears come out (don't worry, its normal). Between, after you have one drops, remember to close your eyes for 5 seconds. I can feel the difference after having one drops. The bottle is easy to carry as I can bring along during my travel.

The product review is based on my experience…And this product is worth to share with you all ! Any enquiries, you may drop your comment and ask me. I will try my best to answer you.  :) 

Please ignore my fat arm..ahaha

You may find it in any pharmacy store in Malaysia.

眼睛对你們來說,重要嗎? 對我絕對,非常肯定重要! 哈哈...怎麼我這樣說呢?! 我是個愛旅遊的女孩,眼睛對我來說,是來觀賞這世界有多美麗,多色彩。如果你看不到的話,雖然嘴巴是說可以用心來體會,可是看不到還是很遺憾的。所以,我都會常常保護我的眼睛。

我的眼睛是屬於敏感性的,而且容易乾。愛美的我,常常會帶美瞳或普通隱形眼鏡,所以眼睛會更加乾咯。通常我都會用眼藥水來補充眼睛的水份。最近,有個日本品牌Rhoto 來自Mentholatum 公司新推的三種眼藥水,其中一種是史上第一帶有冷卻效果,超特別,一開始,我還真的有点緊張很害怕哦,因為眼睛突然有冰冷的感覺。呵呵:) 過後,大膽地嘗試,滴了一邊眼睛,冰冷的感覺直接滲透眼睛,眼睛蓋了5秒後,眼淚流了下來,別擔心,這是正常的,因為眼藥水會刺激淚腺,淚水會清洗眼睛,讓眼睛滋潤再看得更清楚。此時,我感覺到兩邊眼睛的差別了,沒滴的,還是乾乾的。



Rhoto Cool: RM16.90
Rhoto Aqua: RM16.90
Rhoto DryAid: RM22.50

The process of making eye drops (Quality assure) 品质保证,安全使用
Safety and Effectiveness 
ü using purified water of Japanese Pharmacopoeia standard 
ü Filling process fully automated 
ümanufactured under controlled environment (ISO 14644 Grade A)
ü Each part will be filtered and sterilised 
üFully comply with FDA over-the-counter Ophthalmic Drug Products monograph 

Lastly , thanks to the butterfly project malaysia for the inivitation the event!

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  1. I think this one will be very very useful when traveling during winter!!!

  2. Can it be used while wearing contact lens?

  3. I always wanted to wear lens but my eyes just don't allow me too :( I hope Rohto helps!

  4. hahahaha now eyes can also be charming not just the smile want also lah

  5. Rhoto is a trust worthy brand. definitely useful for most of us as nowadays we spend more time on screens.

  6. Love the eye drops. so cooling right

  7. I love the packaging, it's totally different from other eye drop in the market right now

  8. I know right.. I just love these range of eye drops.. so refreshing on my tired eyes...

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