[REVIEW] XYLIQUE - The Hydrating Series From CANADA

by - July 27, 2016

Before I introduce my recent skincare regime, I would like to thank XYLIQUE for the product review invitation. What I get from them is 5-PIECE HYDRATING & RADIANCE SET as I have a dry and slightly sensitive skin. And I always like to use the hydrating and moisturising skincare in my daily routine especially after work.

>>> From Canada
>>> 100% derived from natural source
>>>no artificial preservatives
>>>no animal testing

As you all know (if follow my blog) , I'm a person like to travel and mostly will expose to sun, wind and dust , so my skincare routine cannot be missed and need keep on doing everyday. This can make sure my skin free from dirt and looks great in the photo. Haha…

Cleansing Part
1. MOOR MUD REVIVAL MASK [RM170.00] 50ml
Ingredient: 100% pure moor [What is MOOR ?? organic substance that has therapeutic purpose]
Function:  deeply nourishes and replenishes skin, for increased suppleness and a healthy, youthful glow
HOW TO USE: Add ½ drops of water on the proper portion of moor mud and stir it. Then apply on your face after it mixes evenly.
WHAT I FEEL: First time using this kind of mask and quite satisfied with the result I have on my skin. My skin gets replenished and fresh after using it. I like the feel of firmness on my skin after 10 minutes. [Recommend not over 10 minutes and use it 2 weeks once]

Ingredient: 100% pure moor licorice | morus alba colloidal silver melaleuca
Function:  moisturises and nourishes while gently washing away impurities
HOW TO USE: lather the bar with water in your palm to create some bubbles. Then massage it over your face and neck.
WHAT I FEEL: I like the smell of the bar. Haha! The instant freshness on my face makes me calm and comfortable.

Ingredient: Phyto-hyaluronate Seaweed | Green Tea Juniper Sage
Function: “plump” the dehydrated skin and eliminates the last residues of imperfections on the skin
HOW TO USE: After cleansing, pour the Hydrating Toner onto cotton pads and apply on skin. Or spray evenly over face. MUST REMEMBER close your eyes while spraying! 
WHAT I FEEL:  I like the smell of the toner. It’s quite moisture my skin and feels fresh after use it.

4. HYDRATING CREAM [RM190.00] 50ml
Ingredients: Plant Sterols Sweet Potato Thyme Rosemary Goldenseal
Function: deeply hydrate, protect and revitalise the skin
HOW TO USE: Apply to face and neck after cleansing and toning. Suitable for normal/sensitive skin
WHAT I FEEL:  I think this useful for my dry skin.  This thick cream can moisture my sunburn skin well. My skin is smooth after applying it. For those people who always in the air-cond room also can try to use this.

Ingredients: Niacinamide Amla Asafetida Licorice Grape
Function: reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun spots and acne scars. Provide an instant natural glow, giving the skin a smoother, naturally hydrated radiance
HOW TO USE: 1. Apply sparingly to a cleansed skin and massage gently over entire face and throat
WHAT I FEEL: The colour of the serum is different from what I have used before. It is more to watery type. I just start to use this and hope my skin can be more radiance after using it for a few times. Do follow my social media to check the progress of my skin.  =)

For the whole set of hydrating & Radiance Set, it costs RM700. The price is quite high but it really did some good effects on my skin. 

Now i have a discount code which worth RM50 value with a minimum purchase of RM200.
XYLIQUE CODE:  XYRM50SM [Valid until 31st of Aug 2016]

For more information,check their official website and their social media

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  1. Can't really see your photos because the quality seems off. But will be following your social media for progress. RM700 is a bomb to invest in.

    1. thanks for you comment ..Their price is quite high but it really got the good effects on my skin..

  2. I know this brand. I heard is really good especially the mud mask.

  3. I like to use their cleansing bar...can make my face clean and clear!!

  4. Is my very first time to know Xylique brand. As long as it's hydrating product, I will hunt it down then.

  5. First time heard about this brand!! Next time do a video of this series =D The cleansing bar looks interesting to try eh XD

  6. wow. from canada!! usually I hear stuff from US, Germany, Japan, Korea... but hardly from Canada. Looks like good stuff, cos my skin is so dehydrated it has become sensitive skin.

  7. Canada products sound really good quality and pure!
    The whole set sounds a little pricey but if it works well that is ok!

  8. this is the second time I heard about Xylique I think and I would love to find out more... seems like an interesting product for sure...

  9. Wow~ It is seem a great product! Would love to try their skincare. =)

  10. Your face looks shining after use the product, so nice and pretty

  11. The product contains high dose of moisturizer that I need it. Thanks for the information and results sharing

  12. I heard about this brand but the price is really expensive there.

  13. Impressive!! my skin needs some product like this for hydration.

  14. first time hearing XYLIQUE . time to try it in this hot weather

  15. First time hearing this brand and the price is quite high. If only it's a gift instead. Lol.

  16. I need hydrating series.. My skin is so dry.. First time hearing this brand though~

  17. I used their soap bar and it a bit dry for me. Still will give a try on their other products.

  18. I read so many good reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)