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三大爆點!! 李敏鎬,鐘漢良,唐嫣領銜主演的《賞金獵人》 BOUNTY HUNTER 明日7月14日隆重引爆

大家好!相信所有對李敏鎬這個長腿 OPPA 不陌生啦!曾看過他在《城市獵人》的舉手!這次我看這部電影也是衝著他而來的。呵呵 ! 讓我來說說我對這部《賞金獵人》的觀後感吧! 안녕하세요 ! Hi Guys! I believe you all who are ...

大家好!相信所有對李敏鎬這個長腿OPPA不陌生啦!曾看過他在《城市獵人》的舉手!這次我看這部電影也是衝著他而來的。呵呵! 讓我來說說我對這部《賞金獵人》的觀後感吧!

안녕하세요Hi Guys! I believe you all who are Korean fans would familiar with the Korean Top Star Lee Min Ho ~ Can I know who been watching his drama City Hunterbefore? Today i gonna reveal his latest movie recently. Let me tell my personal review about this movie ---BOUNTY HUNTER.


DIRECTOR 導演: 申太羅 Shin Tae Ra
PRODUCER 製片人: 黃百鳴  Raymond Wong
DURATION片長: 105 分鐘
TYPE 類型: 动作 Action/喜剧Comedy
LANGUAGE 語言: Cantonese 粵語 , English 英語 ,Korean 韓語
CAST主演: 李敏镐 Lee Min Ho,钟汉良 Wallace Chung,唐嫣 Tiffany Tang,吴千语 Karena Ng,樊少皇,Loius Fan , 徐正曦 JeremyJones Xu
DIRECTOR 導演: 申太羅 Shin Tae Ra
PRODUCER 製片人: 黃百鳴  Raymond Wong
DURATION片長: 105 分鐘
TYPE 類型: 动作 Action/喜剧Comedy
CAST主演: 李敏镐 Lee Min Ho,钟汉良 Wallace Chung,唐嫣 Tiffany Tang,吴千语 Karena Ng,樊少皇,Louis Fan , 徐正曦 JeremyJones Xu


賞金獵人是拿人錢財、替人消災的職業,能夠成為賞金獵人者必定身懷絕技。李山(李敏鎬 飾)來歷不明,但擁有超強武打能力。阿YO(鍾漢良 飾)則智慧過人,曾任國際刑警。倆人在香港開了一家私人保鏢公司,受委託到韓國仁川保護一名記者。機緣巧合下,二人加入了由才貌兼備的Cat(唐嫣 飾)、天才駭客Swan(吳千語 飾)和力量超凡的Bobo(樊少皇 飾)一行人組成的賞金獵人團。

團隊領袖 Cat這次的目標是揪出近期在A酒店發生的連環爆炸案的始作俑者。五人由泰國曼谷追蹤到韓國,眾人兵分兩路查探懷疑藏有炸彈的濟州島A酒店。李山和阿YO二人一組勢如破竹,但Swan、Cat和Bobo卻遭A酒店前任會長的兒子Tommy(徐正曦 飾)綁架!Tommy更表明炸彈事件的幕後操縱者正是自己,究竟這是怎樣的一回事?


A bounty hunter is someone who gets paid to do someone’s bidding. One must have a specific expertise in order to qualify. Lee San (Lee Min Ho), who has a mysterious past is an expert martial artist. Yo (Chung Hon Leung) is a former INTERPOL agent turned investigator. Together they opened a bodyguard service and accepted a job to protect Sam, a reporter from Incheon, South Korea. As fate would have it, the duo ended up joining a group of bounty hunters that include the smart and beautiful Cat (Tang Yan), a genius hacker Swan (Karena Ng) and Bobo (Louis Fan) who has incredible strength. Their first mission was to find the serial bomber whose target is Hotel A.

The group tracked the bomber from Bangkok, Thailand back to South Korea and split up to look into the bombing of Hotel A in Jeju. While Lee San and Yo excelled, Swan, Cat and Bobo were kidnapped by Tommy (JeremyJones Xu), the son of the ex-Chairman of the hotel. Tommy confessed to be the mastermind behind the bombing. What was his motive? Will the bounty hunters complete their mission?.


看着这两个基友的互动是超搞笑的。P/S : 还有李敏镐和樊少皇的互动哦!


Lee San 李山  -  Lee Min Ho 李敏鎬
>>>Highly trained in martial arts and hides his past 刻意隱瞞過去的武林高手
Weapon 武器:Extendable Cudgels 伸縮棍

A-Yo 阿YO - Wallace Chung  鍾漢良 

>>> A former Interpol who specialises in investigation 專長查案的前國際刑警
Weapon 武器:Bullet - proof vest 防彈衣

Cat - Tiffany Tang 唐嫣
>>> legendary gorgeous bounty hunter 明艷照人的賞金獵人
Weapon 武器 : Electric stun gun 電擊槍

Swan - Karena Ng 吳千語
>>> 天才黑客 A genius hacker
Weapon 武器:Super computer 超級電腦

Bobo - Louis Fan樊少皇>>> 身份神秘的保鏢 A mysterious bodyguard
Weapon 武器:Fists 雙拳

Tommy - JeremyJones Xu 徐正曦
-心狠手辣的恐怖分子 A heartless and cruel terrorist
Weapon 武器:Explosive炸彈

這部電影即將在明日7月14日隆重引爆! 記得到附近影院購票哦!OPPA 在等你喲!



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  1. Ah, it has been a long time since I watched K-dramas. I don't want to start cos they are so addictive!!!

  2. thanks for the recommendation. time for some drama at home

  3. hahahah what a comedy...great new character for Lee Minho, funny yet handsome!

  4. Ah yes, time to go get Lee Min Ho fix with this awesome movie..... I am so waiting to see it.. now to find the time.. LOL

  5. Hahahaa, this movie is really niceee-simida!!! P/S: GD is much more handsome. LOL

  6. He's so handsome.. lol... This movie looks nice.. Wanna watch leh..

  7. I love the movie a lot! and I am loving 李敏鎬 & 鐘漢良 more now haha