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by - March 14, 2018

Hey Travellover, what I wanna share with you guys is my experience on how I keep my body warm during winter in Korea. This time i had travelled to Jeju and Seoul.  The first thing i wanna tell you guys is the level of coldness between Seoul and Jeju was totally different, FYI, Jeju was the warmest place in Korea. My friend has told me if you can stand the cold temperature in Seoul, you can visit other winter countries. 

"Let it go ~ Let it go! " Snowing time

My friend told me a couple times before the trip that Seoul was damn cold but I'm damn  stubborn and ignored her advice. End up she lend me her long winter coat during snowing. XDDD 

Temperature in Korea【winter】
So, winter season in Korea was expected to start from the end of November until Middle of March. January is the coldest month which is under -18°C! WTFish!!
How to wear in winter?
How to wear during winter? The basic method onion dressing method. For me, the basic dressing method is 3 layer: Heattech ↣ Hoodie/Thick shirt  Coat
There are a lot of Heattech in the market. Most of the people will buy the Uniqlo Heattech, so either I. I have bought the ultrawarm Heattech so that I can wear my jeans. LOL During my trip, I also brought another Heattech which made of wool. If compare the Uniqlo and wool Heattech, the wool Heattech is warmer compared with the Uniqlo Heattech. But if i wear jeans, I can't wear the wool type heattech.
The Uniqlo ultra warm Heattech can be worn with the tight jeans as well. But if you ask me, is it really can warm your body 100 %, my answer would be NO. Is only around 60%.

But their wool type one, I can say it really warms my body. It was thick enough to warm our body. If too thick, you will feel damn hot if you are in the indoor area.
Thick Clothes
The middle part I have wore knit clothes, dress or hoddie top. Knitted clothes get warm your body very well especially the one have round turtleneck. It can protect your neck from frostbite. During my trip, I have worn a knitted hoodie dress and a wool Heattech inside. It really warms my body. 
The outer part I had worn a long coat or thicker jacket. I had bought the long coat and short jacket from the website winterclothes.my. I have been eye on the swag choco jacket for a long time. 
This jackets really keep me warm under temperature negative degree celsius. but you need to buy a size bigger than your actual size. 
Another thing to bear in mind, do make sure you bottom part have a good cover as this jacket only cover the upper part body.
Another coat that I get from winterclothes.my. This coat suitable to wear at the temperature around 14-15degree celsius. I like this black coat so much but the things I don't like is its length was quite short.  I have matched it with my scarf and red beret cap. It got a sudden feeling of Japanese style.

If the temperature is 15-degree Celsius below, do wear a long winter coat. I have bought a long white jacket at the express bus terminal underground shopping mall.
Lastly, don't forget to wear cover shoes instead of heels or slippers during this kind of weather.

More information about winter clothes:
Link for my winter clothes:
Choco swag jacket: https://goo.gl/xsVf9L
Black coat: https://goo.gl/1Lx5cK

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