【Bangkok 曼谷】Don Mueang Airport Transfer 機場接送曼谷廊曼機場 X KLOOK

by - March 06, 2018

Hi Hi, I just back from Bangkok with my family a weeks ago. Bangkok is a place will make the girls like me addicted. I have planned to buy a lot of clothes from Bangkok. So, I decided to get the Airport Transfer car from my hotel to airport because I know my luggage will be heavy. XDD

I had found out the airport transfer service in KLOOK website was quite cheap . Trust me!! Bangkok is a place luring you spent more money.

The booking step is quite easy and the price now is even cheaper than the day I book. 

Register at KLOOK website or mobile APP with my referral code: V4F2E you can get RM12.50 reward

FIRST, choose the destination you wish to go. Downtown ? Hua Hin ? and more choices...
SECOND, Fill in the important details like transfer direction, hotel address, departure/arrival time and so on, traveller information, and choose your payment type.
Lastly, Pay and you will receive the voucher.
The voucher will be mentioned what item is provided for this airport transfer package

My experience sharing:
The day I checked out from my hotel and wait in the lobby. Suddenly I watched a car with familiar logo stopped in front of my hotel. It was KLOOK van. 
The driver had arrived early than the expected time. The driver helped us to get the luggage into the 10-seater van. 
The driver was local Thai who knew to speak a little bit of English. XDD He was a friendly guy and try to talk to me on the way to the airport. 
The van was very spacious and clean. The seat was comfortable. My parents and my siblings had a relax moment and fall asleep instantly. XDDD 
The driver also drives safely during the trip. ***If you come with a bunch of friends, suggest you to book a 10-seater van. It really worth for a group which is more than 4 people. 

Register at KLOOK website or mobile APP with my referral code: V4F2E you can get RM12.50 reward

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