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[FoodLover] Green Monday BUY1 FREE 1 Promotion @ BMS Organic, Bandar Puchong Jaya

My fellow friends, are you always eating all those spicy, fried foods ?! Is time to change your eating routine to get a healthy lifest...

My fellow friends, are you always eating all those spicy, fried foods ?!

Is time to change your eating routine to get a healthy lifestyle!  Practise early, you may get away from contagious disease.

Let me introduce you a healthy food series from BMS Organic @ Bandar Puchong Jaya. I think you all must be familiar about this outlet right?! Currently have a lot of franchise all over Malaysia.

Starting this month, BMS organic promoting their new launch menu GREEN MONDAY where you can get the BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion during Monday !! 

Before the meal, Organic Spirulina Pills and Lemon Grass Ginger Tea will be given to all walk-in customer as welcome appetizer to help your stomach has a better digestion.

===Garden Teppanyaki Feast===
---Brown Rice ; mixture of white & purple cabbage with carrot with side dishes 
---MY REVIEW: the taste of this teppanyaki is superb when the sweet sauce mixed with the vegetable

===BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodle===
---Craving for indulgent-tasting but healthy food? Try the best of guilt-free Curry Laksa! Formula: coconut milk is replaced with organic soy milk; herbs and spices are freshly made in-house for that authentic fragrance; and high quality grape seed oil is used.
---MY REVIEW: i surprise that their soy milk soup can be so similar like the non-vege Curry Laksa. Their taste more lighter than the normal curry laksa

===BMS Signature Nasi Lemak===
--A healthy-twist - Coconut oil (known for its antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering properties) is used with the organic herbs and spices made sambal. The pumpkin rending completes the makeover.  
-- MY REVIEW: i like the taste of the potato and aceh! 

===Savoury Asam Laksa===
--almost same the ingredient with normal laksa but this is veggie-style
--MY REVIEW:I'm a person who likes sour food like tom yum and laksa, so i think their laksa can be more spicy and sour..haha 

===BMS Summer Grain Quinoa===
--Made with organic quinoa, berries, nuts and fresh vegetables; it is tossed with a homemade garlic aioli dressing to bring all its delicious together - it’s a perfect alternative for a gluten-free diet.
--MY REVIEW: Never try this kind of combination before, i like the crunchiness of the nuts when chewing with all type of vegetable 

===Side Order===
Spicy Okra

===The DRINKS===

More information, check out their    


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  1. this definitely looks like a great place to eat clean and healthy yet delicious food....

  2. These looks good. Wouldnt mind having this for lunch today.

  3. I love everything about this restaurant. Haven't been there but I would totally love to drop by.

  4. Seems delish! Plus it's healthy. Will definitely check this place out.

  5. Thanks for this heads up on the promotion. Buy 1 Free 1 is really worthy when it comes to healthy food!

  6. BMS Organic is the best place for me to get my organic products weekly. Since there is promotion buy 1 free 1 on Monday, will get it on that day instead.

  7. Yummy looking fusion food! I like the japanese influence on the local food. Want to try!!

  8. I haven't try BMS Organics food before....always thought organics = vegetable only! LOL!!!

  9. The place setting looks very minimal and nice. I like it. Also love they tried fusion food of both local and Japanese. Since I love both types, wouldn't mind going here for lunch soon!

  10. Buy 1 Free 1?! Wow that's a very attractive deal :)

  11. I like their Nasi Lemak!!!!So yummy and delicious!!

  12. Wow, Buy 1 Free 1! Gonna drag my bf and try it out there! Perhaps next Monday!

  13. I always love BMS food!! They doesn't looks like it was organic made, super healthy and delicious!

  14. Love this healthy twist to these yummy local favourites!! This is definitely my kind of food!!

  15. Great deal! I would like to try the BMS Signature Nasi Lemak! Looks delicious.

  16. LOoks so yummy! I'd like to try BMS food one day.. Nasi Lemak yummy!

  17. Yummy food. Love to try the nasi lemak.

  18. woah the ambiance and environment is great :) the food looks tempting too. feel like trying the laksa and nasi lemak

  19. quite a worth it meal since you get to feed 2 hungry mouths at the price of 1!

  20. i do think BMS Organics serve the best vegetarian sets, i really love the laksa too

  21. wow they are offering more stuffs on their menu. the okra looks absolutely lovely.

  22. I always loved eating here! Healthy food and it's not even so spicy their curry hehe

  23. Wow awesome promotion, have more reasons to obtain a healthier diet now :)

  24. seems delicious, would like to try it out!^^