[KOREA韓國] 7D6N Busan -Jeju Trip 釜山濟州島 7天6夜 自助旅行

by - May 23, 2017

Hi TravelLover, Is time to talk about my Korea Trip. Yeah, Korea is one of my dream places to go in Asia. Being a Kpop fans, I'm always looking forward to visit Korea. Who is FT Island and Beast(Highlight) Fans? Hands Up !! Haha !! Besides Kpop, I do love Korea Culture and of course their food!! Kimchi Chigae is my friend and I favourite! So, people ask me why I didn’t visit Seoul at first? Because I plan to go one more time! Okay, let me start my Korea trip! Let’s go !!! 

Flight:  AirasiaX Around RM500++ without luggage
        Jeju air around RM200++ (free 30kg luggage)
Currency Exchange: Korean won 4.02 (sob sob)
Mobile Wifi:  Travel Recommend (my second time)
Navigation: recommend to use Naver App (but in Korean language) or Konest App ( in Chinese language)
Jeju Car rental: Sixt Car Rental booking via Funtastic Korea (link...)
Entrance Tickets: bought via Funtastic Korea (link...)
Busan Car rental: Using phone app
Korea Time: difference 1 hour with Malaysia time

This is my full itinerary =) 

Day 1 Busan Jeju
Before going Busan, I went to the Tune Store to get my Travel Recommend Pocket Wifi as I have made a booking before. From Malaysia to Busan was taken about 6hours++ flight. 
After I had reached Busan International Airport, my friend and I went to their 7Eleven to get the Banana Milk and then head to 2nd floor to grab some food. 
After searching, we decided to have our lunch at Shinsegae food outlet before departing to Jeju. The food in Korea was not cheap but is tasty. We had ordered the Pork Cutlet and Kimchi Chigae with rice. Both of us were Kimchi Chigae lover. The Kimchi Chigae was not bad. You can try it.  

From Busan to Jeju, it was taken 1hour flight. FYI, Busan International Airport has divided into 2 buildings where the domestic hall was separated with the international hall. To prevent any missed flight, the transit time we had chosen was a bit longer. We reach at Jeju around 5 pm Korean time. 
We immediately went to the Rent-a-car bus waiting area for getting our Sixt Car Rental shuttle bus. The shuttle bus has brought us the car rental office. We get our car right after we had registered.(Car Rental Link) 
Since the time was quite late, then we head to the Hyeopjae Beach 협재해수욕장
We quite disappointed as the weather was not that good. When we reach there, the weather was cloudy. We cannot see clearly and the temperature became colder. 
Then, we drove to our first stay - Mido hostel which located at Seogwipo City. It was located in a strategic place which is a stone's away from the Seogwipo Daily Market. After check-in, we went out to find a place to have our dinner. And then we thought of Jeju BBQ Black Pork 훅돼지 that my friend told me before. We had some problem to search the shop. We keep on asking the local with our broken Korean. >,< At last, we had found out the shop - 흑돈 오리 which were nearby the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market (서귀포매일 올레시장)

End of the first day in Jeju as the weather is not good and all the shop was closed already. 

Day 2 Jeju
Before that, we had planned our itinerary but the weather became more worst! *Sob* We had missed a lot of outdoor attraction!! We only managed to visit those indoor places. Our first stop is O'sulloc Museum 오설록티뮤지엄 as there is still good weather in the early morning. But after we arrived, it started raining. It really spoilt our mood! Damn sad. Then we plan to go into the Museum and Innisfree Jeju House first instead of going the outdoor tea garden. 
The museum is was well organised and I get to know about the tea types, cultures and others. 
After that, we went to see tea demonstration whereby we can try their latest tangerine flavour tea. 
Shopping time! A lot of the tea products was sold there. 
From Tea products to Skincare products
Since my parents and I were a tea lover, I had bought some tea and chocolate as well. After done our shopping, we managed to try their famous green tea dessert! I strongly recommend to try them as the green tea was rich enough although it quite pricey. 
The rain still hasn't stopped but we still proceed to Jeju Innisfree House which was walking distance from the museum. 
There was a soap DIY section for the customer to DIY themselves for their loved one.
I have bought some products there because of some of the products only available in Jeju. HAHA! 
There was a postcard DIY section where you create with their provided stamp. So, I had created one for my own. 
The Jeju Innisfree House has their own cafe and all the dessert looks so nice but the price was high. 
The Hallasan Cake was so tempting!!
We end up going to the tea garden near our parking lot. Still raining!! but we don't give up, we had waited for the rain stop and went down took some photos. 
Then, the next stop was the Teddy Bear Safari Teseum near to the highway. Remember to check on GPS whether was going to the right destination as we went to other Teddy Museum that near to Play Kpop! During the way going to Teseum, the car view was damn blur and all the car changing into the emergency double signal. What a sigh! At last, we still managed to reach the teseum. 
The weather was bad!
Since I have bought the tickets via Funtastic Korea web, so I just get my pass from the counter within seconds. It really worth to explore as the teseum has a different type of sections. 

Gom semari ka Han jibe itso Appa gom, umma gom, aegi gom

Let's go with me Mr.Bear 

OMG!! They are so big >,<

My Bear Princess

Wait me, my bear princess!!!
Finish my Teddy Bear Safari Tour, we went to the Mt. Sanbangsan 산방산 since we had passed by when we back to our hostel.
Unfortunately, the entrance has closed due to bad weather. The famous Chi Chi Pong ice cream was closed as well. We just managed to take some photos outside. I think I will come back one day.

After back hostel, we quickly went to Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market 서귀포매일올레시장to get some street food before it closed at 9pmWe tried the famous street food in the market. You have to try the BBQ Black Pork, Octopus Pancake, Tangerine juice, Dol hareubang cake with tangerine stuffing and others. I forget to try their famous fried chicken with garlic. 
the main entrance
the side entrance from my hostel
Famous black pork bbq stick *nice*
Octopus pancake *nice*
Famous tangerine juice *i'm influenced by the korean triplets too*
Dol hareubang cake with tangerine stuffing
Day 3 Jeju
The weather getting better! Phew~We plan to have abalone porridge at the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market but the shop hasn't opened. So we just have our breakfast at our hostel. Then we immediately drove to our first destination- Cheonjeyeon Waterfall 천제연 폭포. There are 3 waterfalls together and the first waterfall only flow after a heavy rainfall. 
 The 2nd waterfall is 300 metres downstream from the first waterfall. The 3rd waterfall is 500 metres from the 2nd waterfall. 
Seonim-gyo is located between the 2nd waterfall and 3rd waterfall decorated with seven nymphs on each side of the bridge.

Next, we went to the Seosokkak Estuary 쇠소깍 whereby you can ride the transparent kayak. Unfortunately, the activities were stopped due to bad weather. So sad! I will be back! 
Then we went to the beach to take some photos. The view and wind were just nice! There was a lighthouse near the beach but did not manage to go there as time not enough. 
Cool post with my BFF

Then we proceed to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak 성산일출봉 whereby is the UNESCO world heritage. 
This is one of my recommendation when you visit Jeju! The view was superb and this peak has been rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. 
I had climbed up to the peak which was about 182metre high from the sea level. It was really an awesome view to see this one of the 7 wonders of nature! 
can't witness sunrise but managed to see sunset! haha XD

**Almost all attraction in Jeju is free during April, but I don't know why!
The abalone porridge at the women divers house was simply the best. *Must try !! 

Evening time, we went to our 2nd stay at Pd Station where it was a special container stay! I have waited for a long time. It was a lovely place but i just stay there for one night. I will talk about my stay in another post =) (Link at the end of the post)
That's the end of my of Jeju Trip T_T ! I'll be back one day =) 

Day 4 Jeju-Busan
Waking up early morning and then went to the airport back to Busan. After arriving, we get to the limousine bus counter to buy our ticket(6000won/pax) to our hostel. 
We drop by at Jungang station and went to our stay at Mr Egg Nampo Hostel. It was a cosy place to stay. 
After we check-in, we took a rest for awhile and went to the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 해동 용궁사 by subway and bus =) After reach Haeundae Station (Exit 7), take bus 181 and stop at Yonggungsa Temple bus stop. The temple worth to visit although is far from the town. The view is damn nice. 

After finish the visit, we pass by some snack store and we bought the famous fish cake 오뎅 and hotteok호떡.
Fish cake 오뎅
Then, we plan to go the Igidae coastal walk but end up shopping at Kyung Sung University area because we can't find the place with our google maps. What a waste!! We have bought some mask and the latest bb cushion from The Saem. I also bought contact lens from O-lens stores because of lee sung kyung. >,< (I will show in another my post) XD

After that, we went to Busan Cinema Center by subway.
The night view of Busan Cinema Center was quite nice and a lot of youngster skating at there. 

Fortunately, I saw some crew set up a scene there, but I do not know who is the actress.

Then we went back to the hostel as the subway the last train was 1130pm. We dinner near our hostel. We had tried the local ahjumma bbq pork inside the red booth. Another thing to do like local! 
That was the end of my Day 1 in Busan.

Day 5 Busan
Today my friend come and meet us! And we have to visit a lot of places. My friend has rented a car using phone apps. That was cool as he just used the phone to open the car instead wait for the owner to open the car. Then we went to the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village 부산 감천문화마을. The place I wish to go for a long time.
I had taken some photo with prince and fox. 
The vibrant colour of the houses was so nice. Some of the houses were made as a cafe too. 
Stairway to the cheon deok su's story 
Beautiful art decoration
I had seen some people wore hanbok and took photos. 
I had bought some socks too. XD

Then we went to Daejeo Ecological Park for the Canola Flower Festival. The flower was so nice! There is a perfect place for couples to take photos.
I saw a lot of kindergarten student having a pre-school tour at there. We have enjoyed taking photos. 
Then we went to the famous Isaac Toast Store to have our lunch. The toast looked normal but it tasted good. 

Then, we went to Oryukdo Skywalk 오륙도 스카이워크
Luckily there were not much people there. You have to wear a cover before you walk into the transparent bridge.
I was thrilled by the view of the waves while looking down through the transparent floor. 
The sea stretches out ahead of the skywalk, perfect for a photo op, as well as the best spot to see Daemado Island on sunny days. 
Oryukdo Island

Since we did not manage to visit Igidae coastal walk previous day, then we went there again. It was quite hard to search the place but at last, we reached the place. The view and wind breeze was so nice. We can spot the Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge 부산 광안대교, APEC, Haeundae beach from the coastal walk. 

After that, we went to Nurimaru APEC House 누리마루 APEC하우스 and
the The Bay 101 just beside it. Is good to see both modern and traditional pavilion together. There was a lot of people took a stroll, running and enjoy the beautiful, natural landscape accented by dense camellia and pine trees. 

The Bay 101
Before dinner, we went to Haeundae Beach 해운대해수욕장 for a few minutes. Normally it would be crowded with people during the summer season. 

Then we went to the Millak Waterfront Park 민락수변공원 to have our fried chicken with beer 치맥. We order delivery from the shop called 네네 치킨 where their model ambassador was Yoo Jae Suk! Enjoy the view of Gwangan bridge while eating the 치맥, I can say really satisfied 완전주다 . Travel like local tho' 

Thanks our handsome oppa, Jay who was a famous ski instructor in Korea! Who is interested to ski in Korea, you may contact him by email ski.instructor.j@gmail.comI'm going to ski on next year ! Website: jski.co.kr/

Day 6 Busan
Today we have our big breakfast at Check-in Busan which is nearby our hostel. 
My dream travel mapboard
The cafe was looked cosy and the things I liked was their postcard! I can deliver my postcard to future (until 2019). 
If you have any enquiries, you may ask the staff at the counter. Most of them know to speak Korean, Chinese and English.
lovely corner
private corner
The cafe was owned by the sweet international couple (Taiwan-Korea). They are so sweet and all the postcard was taken by the husband before this cafe opened.  
They provide postcard delivery as well. The postcard will be expected to reach at destination around 2-4 weeks. 
I have delivered some of the postcards to my reader as well. If you wish to get it, do stay tuned my social media. I will do other giveaways for my next travel =)
Of course, I have tried their breakfast! It was quite healthy and big portion.

Then we went to Gukje market 남포동 국제시장 which was nearby the cafe.
It looked very similar like Malaysia morning market sold the household stuff, traditional cake, clothes and others. It was like a hidden gem in Busan. 
A lot of local snack stall in the market too include my favourite tteokbokki. 
Then, we went to the BIFF Square to search the famous sunflower seed hotteok in Busan. There was a long queue when we reached there.
 My friend show this to me, but I do not have the chance to try it T_T
A lot of youngsters will gather there as there have a lot of fashion and cosmetic shop around there.

Before going to Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, we have passed by the Jagalchi Market (부산 자갈치시장) where you can find the Alaska Crab there. The market was damn big and a lot of seafood shop there. FYI, Jalgachi market was the largest seafood market in Korea. 
When almost 2pm, we standby nearby the Yeongdodaegyo Bridge 영도대교. It will lift up every day at 2pm, so a lot of people stand there to see the interesting scene. The bridge was just beside the Lotte Department Store

I'm fans of Line Friends! So is a must to visit the Line Friends Store at Lotte Department Store. 
I had tried their ice cream. It was not too sweet and meet my taste. Is a must to take a photo with my MR. Brown.
After that, we took a break at the nearby Starbucks! Shopping time at Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street near the Nampodong LRT station !! I managed to buy 2 pieces of outfit because of their price quite high. We had a meet up with our school friend who has studied in Busan. 
Then we dinner at the Pohang Pork Soup Shop 포항돼지국밥 at Seomyeon.
I really their pork rice soup so much! You must try this when you visit Busan.
After that, we plan to give surprise to my travel mate! So, we went for a drink at a Mexican shop which located at a narrow alley. One of my friends went out to buy a cake and we keep talking and distract my friend attention all the time. At last, we managed to give her a surprise. 

Day 7 Busan
Omg! Is last day in Busan! Today we went to Yongdusan Park and Tower. Unfortunately, the tower was under construction. So sad. We walk around the park. 
outfit from Fblock boutique
Then we went to the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) 부산국제금융도시추진센터 to have 360-degree views of Busan City! Before, we lunch at the BIFC Mall. We had tried the Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) 부대찌개 at Nolboo 부대찌개. There was a lot of ingredients and we have added ramen inside the soup as well. It was tasted superb!
After filling our stomach, we went up to 63th of the BIFC. The weather was so good and the view was awesome and spectacular.  I had taken a lot of photos! Remember the entrance fee is FREE

Since we had come to Korea then is a must to try their local Jjimjilbang 찜질방! We went to Hill Spa which located at Dalmaji-gil Road. The sauna room had a good view of Haeundae beach! I had tried their egg and drink iced Sikhye! 

Gym Area
common area

Women Sauna 
 Sauna Look XD
Eggs and iced Sikhye
They have a different type of sauna room like red clay sauna, salt sauna, crystal sauna, sapphire sauna and the most special one is their Ice sauna. I have a nice sleep there for one hour. 

After recharge, we had visited the Busan Sealife Aquarium 부산아쿠아리움 which is at the Haeundae beach. 

Before coming to Busan, I have bought the tickets from the Funtastic Korea as well.  As usual, I just get my ticket pass without queuing up. There had a lot sea creature to see! 

One of the areas called Rock Pool where you can touch the sea life by your hand like shark egg shell, starfish and others.

The Shark Egg
You may try their glass bottom boat where you can see sea creature or even shark under your feet. If you fearless, you can try their shark dive. Awesome right?! **It was not included in the entrance fee

After finish the underwater tour, we went to lotte department to buy some snacks back to Msia! I will show you guys my haul in another post! Then, is the time to fill our stomach with the best food! My friend had searched a famous restaurant called Taste Chan Deul King Salt Grill 맛찬들왕소금구이 which sold delicious salt grilled pork! You have to try this when you at Busan.

The night was still young and we went to their local slot machine karoake 노래방 whereby 1000KW can sing 4 songs. There are not only can choose Korean song but also the English song! 
I'm addicted to Goblin's Song! So have to sing one of the their famous song XD

So it is worth to try their slot machine karaoke. Really travel like a local right?! haha XD 

Day 8 Back Msia
Aww~is time to get back to Msia!! You can take the limousine bus from Busan Station. We had our brunch at Sulbing and Shinsegae Food Court. Korea ! I'll be back!

Overall, i was satisfied with all my stay during the trip. You can click on my detailed post in the link below.
1. Mido Hostel (LINK) 
2.Pd Station (LINK) 

1.Mr Egg Nampo Hostel (LINK)

1. Walking
2.Subway (Using Tmoney which can redeem at Korea Plaza Menara Hap Seng, KL only Malaysian) check out my FB Page
3.Car rental SixT in Jeju (link...)

1. 흑돈 오리 Famous Black Pork 
Address: Lot No. 407-3, Seogu-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Price: 20,000 (unlimited refill pork in about 2 hours) 
2.Osulloc Museum (Green Tea Dessert) 
Price: Green Tea Roll 5,500KW/pieces ; Green Tea Ice-Cream: 5,000 KW
3.Women divers house @ Songsan Ilculbong
Price: Abalone porridge 10,000KW per bowl

1. Issac Toast
Price: Hot Chicken MVP 3,200KW 
2.네네 치킨 Fried Chicken
Price: around 21,000KW (suitable for 4 person)
3.Check in Busan
Price: around 7,500KW/meal
4. Line Friends Store @ Lotte Department
Price: Ice cream 3,800KW
5.포항돼지국밥 Pohang Pork Soup Shop  
Price: 6,500KW
6.Nolboo 부대찌개 @ BIFC Mall
Price: Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) 30,000KW (suit for 4pax)
7.맛찬들왕소금구이 Taste Chan Deul King Salt Grill 
Price: 50,000KW (include 2 bottle of soju) suitable for 4 person 

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