[KOREA] Jeju Car Rental with Funko, FUNTASTIC KOREA [Currently UNAVAILABLE]

by - May 15, 2017

This post is shared about my car rental booking in Jeju, Korea. For your information, there is quite hard to get a public transport in Jeju. It not only will cost your time a lot but also the distance from a place to a place is quite far.  So, we choose to rent a car in Jeju =) 

First, you have to prepare those document before you rent a car. You have to pass to the rental company when you register.
1. International license (RM150) 
2. Driver’s License issued in your country
3. Credit card (Visa)
4. Passport

I have found out Funtastic Korea (Currently changed to Indiway.com) not only provide ticket booking service but also car rental in Jeju too! 

And I saw there has 35% discounts from the normal price! It meets my budget too! I like their website because all the information was stated clearly.
They have shown the model type and the photo of the car too at their website. 
Booking Step:
1.Choose your preferred date and the car model type your prefer 
And we choose Hyundai Avante MD =) 
2.Click Book Now and it will add into the cart menu!
3. Click Pay Now and it will show the voucher tickets you have chosen!
4.Fill your details =)  I will recommend you to get an English GPS if you not good at Korean 
Then choose the payment you prefer =) There are 4 ways: Credit card via PayPal or EximbayKorean Bank transfer or Cash Payment at FUNKO office 
I choose to pay by credit card via Eximbay since the office only at Seoul
5.After payment done, you will get a confirmation email 
Done and ready to Fly to Jeju =)

Once you reach Jeju, you have to go out from Gate 5 to the Car Rental House to get your shuttle bus to the Car Rental Company. Mine is SiXT Car Rental Company! All this information will be shown in the confirmation email. So no worry =)
Look for the SiXT Shuttle Bus 
The car rental company was just 5 minutes away from Jeju Airport.
Their service was quite fast if you have ready your all documents and show your email voucher too! I will recommend you guys to buy full coverage insurance(16,000-30,000KW/day) and English GPS (11,000KW/day) so you can travel no worries! This is the extra cost that not included the car rental fee. You may pay it either cash or credit card. And you receive your key and a copy of the agreement(need give back when returning the car). Check the condition of the car and sign the agreement.
Get You Car And Begin your Jeju Tour =)
When returning the car, you just need to give back the car key and agreement as well. The staff won't check the car if you have purchased full coverage insurance.  Pay additional fees if necessary.

My car experience:
This car was fuel saved and the engine was quite smooth which suitable for 4 people! Booking with Funko was easy and fast ! I really satisfied with their service. Their information was detailed enough and I have no worry to book my car rental using their website.

For more information:
Booking websitehttp://funtastickorea.com/m (English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese language) 
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