[KOREA] Easy and Fast Ticket Booking with Indiway.com [Aka Funtastic Korea]

by - May 14, 2017

Before I went to KoreaI have searched some website for booking my Jeju car rental and entrance ticket booking and I found out a website FUNKO, Funtastic Korea (currently has changed to Indiway.com). They have provided a wide range of service when you travel in Korea.

As you have read from my travel itinerary post, I have mentioned my tickets and car rental booking was from this website.  So why I choose them?!  

If booking directly from the official website? The entrance fee is 10,500KW per pax 

But if you book from the FUNKO, it just cost you 8,400KW ONLY , you can save your money!! 

So is same as my Busan Sealife Aquarium Entrance Fee: Original fee is 29,000KW/pax
But if you book from the FUNKO, you will get a cheaper price! You only have to pay 21,000KW/pax! **The price maybe more cheaper when non-peak season. So check out their website for more updates!

Apart from this, their booking process is damn easy!! Let me show you XD

1. Choose your preferred date and quantity of ticket
2.Click Book Now and it will add into the cart menu!
3. Click Pay Now and it will show the voucher tickets you have chosen !
Fill your details and choose the payment you prefer =) There are 4 ways: Credit card via PayPal or EximbayKorean Bank transfer or Cash Payment at FUNKO office 
I choose to pay by credit card via Eximbay since the office only at Seoul
4.After payment done, you will get a confirmation email 
DONE !!!

My real personal review: 
I love and satisfied with their service so much! Booking tickets at their website were very easy and fast.They even provide me with the way how to redeem your ticket in a clearly way! Furthermore, I can get a cheaper price booking via their website! I can get my ticket very fast when I show my email confirmation to the counter. This was I have experienced when I booking through their website XD 

Currently the Funtastic Korea website has rebrand to Indiway Website. The service and booking step are same as previous web.

For more information:
Ticket booking websitewww.indiway.com (English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese language) 

Happy Travelling !! 안녕

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  1. New option to buy a ticket when I travel to Korea :)

    1. yeah! It save a lot of money ~~ is a good option for people who plan to go Korea

  2. Wow!!! That is one huge savings there!!! Gonna let my friend know as he is flying there next week!

  3. Wow it looks so user-friendly for fast ticket booking. Will recommend to my friends :)

    1. yea~~they also offer a lot of discount for varies activities and even the muslim halal food.

  4. First time hearing this app. must use it next time visit to Korea

    1. oppss..now it offers a lot discount for entrance ticket , car rental and food as well~~faster check it out ~

  5. Thank you for this guide and its very helpful and convenient. So I realized you have to book in advance.. They don't accept purchase or payment on the spot?

    1. you can pay at their FUNKO Office. If ticket purchase in advance , it will be cheaper if compare with the ticket price you buy at the entrance counter.

  6. Ah, I am happy to see that everything is in English! Makes buying tickets so much easier. Thanks for the alert.

  7. The price more cheaper. Thanks for sharing ;)

  8. OMG! You make me miss Korea a lot! Can't wait to revisit.

  9. Arh i wanna visit korea alot! Gonna check out tickets soon.

  10. Thanks for the information, will check it out for my next trip to Korea.

  11. Thanks for sharing this useful info :)