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[Poland Series] Krakow 克拉科夫 | 波蘭第二大城市 The Second Biggest city

比起華沙 , 克拉科夫 (Krakow) 相較熱鬧,出名。克拉科夫的建築物都存有舊時代的感覺,古色古香。這個地方讓我留下深刻印象。這也是我推薦大家必去的地方。當時我去的時候,將要是春天了,但波蘭的天氣比較難測,所以我還是穿著厚厚的毛衣,因為有時會刮起冷風 。 ...

比起華沙克拉科夫 (Krakow)相較熱鬧,出名。克拉科夫的建築物都存有舊時代的感覺,古色古香。這個地方讓我留下深刻印象。這也是我推薦大家必去的地方。當時我去的時候,將要是春天了,但波蘭的天氣比較難測,所以我還是穿著厚厚的毛衣,因為有時會刮起冷風

Is indeed, Krakow is more happening than Warsaw. Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. There are a lot of old architecture building still remains firmly in the old town. I will recommend you all to visit this awesome city while you plan to travel in Poland. One thing I want to tell you is the Poland weather was unpredictable. The season when I went is spring, but you still can feel the coldness in the town especially when the wind blows. So, I advise you that to wear a jacket or sweater.
Krakow Bus Station

1. 克拉科夫老城廣場中心 Krakow Old Town Market Square
這裡是年輕人會聚集的地方,有免費音樂show 看,有餐館,購物區。這裡適合來個下午茶,坐在廣場,觀看周圍的一事一物,悠哉閑哉的,超舒服的。如果想坐馬車,那兒有這服務。

This is one of the hotspots where the young people gather. There is a Hardrock café located in the market square. People enjoy free acoustic band show and their tea in the middle of the night. If you want to shop, there is a market in the middle of the market square. If you want to take a horse ride, there will be many people asking you for that service. There is the stone chair for us to rest and hear the horn sound from the St Mary’s Church in every hour.

2. 克拉科夫聖瑪麗教堂  Bazylika Mariacka

由於頂部在維修中,所以無法上去覌看整個老城的模樣,太可惜了。提醒大家去頂部,是另收費的。那時我只看了教堂內部,設計裝潢很華麗,讓我忍不住想偷偷拍照了,嘻嘻!! 拍照也是另收費。總之,收費包括入門(可買單票:學生價;5Zt  RM5,拍照(optional), 頂部 optional)。

The horn sound is coming from the top of the St Mary’s Church. On every hour, a trumpet signal—called the Hejnał mariacki—is played from the top of the taller of St. Mary's two towers. The plaintive tune breaks off in mid-stream, to commemorate the famous 13th-century trumpeter, who was shot in the throat while sounding the alarm before the Mongol attack on the city.

The church decoration was so elegant and I secretly take some photo of it as photography will be charged(5Zt). I was not able to have the paranomic city view due to construction at the top of the church. I’m so sad. If you want to go up the top, there is a charge( 5Zt). Entrance fee 5Zt.

塔楼Top :5月-8月 周二,周四,周六
 [May-Aug Every Tue,Thur & Sat] 9:00-11:30, 13:00-17:30

3. 維利奇卡鹽礦  Wieliczka Salt Mine  
维利奇卡盐矿被联合国教科文组织列入世界遗产名录。盐矿有327米深,超过300公里长,地下共分九层,其中有长达100多公里的隧道。它的特別之處是在盐矿中有房间、礼拜堂、雕像和地下湖泊等,宛如一座地下城市,更值得一提的是著名的圣金加教堂(St. Kinga's Chapel)。

當時我們還買錯了票,幸運的是工作人員讓我們進入鹽礦内部。我們是坐公車去鹽礦的,還記得我介紹華沙的帖子有說過的apps。這樣比較省事,因為我們是走budget trip 的。
The Salt Mine is one of the largest tourist attractions in Poland, registered on the UNESCO list and visited by over a million tourists every year. The depth of the salt mine is 327metres. In the salt mine, there had room, chapel, statue, underground lake and lots more just like an underground city. There was a famous church inside the salt mine called St. Kinga’s Chapel. The decoration was so luxury and spectacular.

*Just a small incident happen. We have bought the wrong ticket and luckily the staff lets us go in. How we go the Salt Mine? What transport we use? we went there by local bus. We check it using the app I have mentioned in my previous Warsaw post. It saves a lot of time and money as well since we are the budget traveller.

Approximately 300 steps deep from the ground
St. Kinga's Chapel

4. 奧斯維辛集中營 Auschwitz-Birkenau

是二战时期德国在波兰建立的劳动营和灭绝营之一。 值得一去的是我們可以看見當時的猶太人曾住過的房間,化学实验室、绞刑架、毒气杀人浴室、焚尸炉。這超感傷的,因為讓我想起日本佔領我國的故事。聽那裡的導遊說多數猶太人在不知的情況下坐火車,到了集中營才知道要面臨被殺的危機。有些不到一天就被殺,有些事被逼做苦工,有些女人為了留住生命被逼做妓。甚至更殘忍的是大部份的犹太人、妇人、儿童、老人或是被判断为没有价值的人,则会直接送往刑场或是毒气室杀害。


买票方法:我是到老城广场的询问中心(tourist information) 买配套,价格忘记了。
This authentic concentration and extermination camp exists during World War II where the former German Nazi-built it to kill the Jewish people. I will recommend you all to visit this place. You will get to know the history of Europe. Before I know about this place, I just know about the Japanese World War II in Asia. This concentration camp was surrounded by wire fencing and the people inside was totally lost contact with the outside.This is what I had heard from the tour guide. A lot of people were brought to the camp without knowing. Some of them were killed within 1 day, some were forced to drudge, some of the women forced to be a prostitute. The most heartbroken scene is the victims – men, women, and children – were sent directly to the gas chambers.

I can say I’m lucky enough to live in this current civilisation world. I appreciate that I live in this peaceful country!

The end site of train track

5.瓦維爾城堡 Wavel Royal Castle

位于克拉科夫市中心附近,是波兰最古老的宫殿。瓦維爾城堡,屹立于山上,俯瞰维斯瓦河(Vistula River)。这里适合一家大小或情侣春天野餐,欣赏河边的白天鹅,鸳鸯戏水,多么有情调

It is the oldest castle in Poland where located near the Krakow city. It was surrounded by the Vistula River.  A lot of the locals will picnic and enjoy the scenic view of the river.  I miss this place a lot!

Taken by my friend's iPhone

Accommodation 住宿:

* The room for four people is quite spacious. But route from the entrance to the room is quite scary because the building is quite old. And when you surf their website, please remember picture for illustration.

The only good things about the hostel is quite near to the Old town area.

Transport 交通:
POLSKI BUS (from Zakopane-Krakow

Food 食物:
Karmelicka 14, Kraków, Poland
**Breakfast set

Karmelicka 7, 33-332 Kraków(中央剧院(Teatr Bagatela)街对面)
**The food taste normal nothing special

św. Gertrudy 26-29, Kraków, Poland

**must TRY Pork knuckle Hungarian style with potatoes farmer style

Krupnicza 9, 31-123 Kraków, Poland

** The kimchi ramen was very spicy and I thought it was a Japanese restaurant

Dumpling Ramen
Kimchi Ramen
**Krakow Snack 小吃
Must TRY Zapiekanka Spinach flavour


Pretzel [You can may this stall all over Krakow]
**The taste is salty and hard to chew
Famous Chocolate Shop In Krakow Old Town-Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady

** ShoppingTime 购物: When I travel to each place, I will buy their magnet and postcard as memory. 当我到不同地方旅行,我会买磁铁和明信片作为纪念..


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  1. Thanks for th memories recall :)

  2. Definitely a memorable experience to travel Europe. Looks like you had a great time

    1. Ya, this place is worth to go and explore ^^

  3. 你去了多少天啊???
    我好喜欢他们的建筑物, 好有 feel~ 我也要亲自到那里去体验一下~

    1. 我去了三天兩夜~ 我也是喜歡那裡的建築物~值得一去哦!你絕對會有個難忘的旅程唷~呵呵 :D

  4. Looks awesome to travel to Europe. I really need to travel at least once in my lifetime. And.. so sorry to be weird, am I the only one can't view your pictures or what? I just read through your story and imagine your story only. ^^""

    1. Really?! For now, you are the only person who tell me this~Can i know what device you use to see my blog? Desktop or Moblie?
      Anyway, thanks for informing me.

  5. I love the architecture - so medieval and marvelous. I love your pictures and the story too.

    1. Thanks^^ This place really make me relax. I'm appreciate that you like my post :)

  6. Spring is definitely a good time to travel to any country for that matter!

    1. Yup, Spring is the best time to travel ~ but sometimes weather is just unpredictable ...

  7. You really put a lot of effort writing this post by putting dual language. =)

    1. Thanks , dear. It use me a lot of time to do it. Previously got reader tell me that they don't understand about chinese , so i try to write it in English instead of using google translate ..haha..Do you think that it's complicated and long? (want to know your opinion)

  8. Finding chinese restaurant is like finding gold in Europe right! Hehehee, makes me wanna have steamboat now after reading this post!

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    1. ahaha...then you should go there ^^ You sure have a great experience there. ;)

  10. Nice old architecture! everything look so nice. I wish I could reach there soon.

    1. Yup , you can do it and put it as your bucket list before going other Europe country. Poland are cheaper than other country that use Euro as Poland currency is same like Malaysia~ RM1~1zloty

  11. Very unique place to visit.. Just nice.. Great building there!

    1. Yup ~ This place make me know a lot of Europe history ~ I thought learn about history could be boring but this trip has changed my mind.

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