Venice 威尼斯 | Rome 羅馬 | Milan 米籣 Ciao !! Walk Into the Italian City 走到”意“境

by - October 14, 2015

Station 1: 
Venice 威尼斯 --The Water City--

A movie "The Tourist" casts by Angelina Jolie brings me to Venice. Venice is a beautiful city in Italy and it looks quite mystery as it has a lot of canals and alley. We may easily get lost in this city. After visit this place, I liked the culture and the way they enjoyed their life. You may see some people sitting beside the waterside drawing the water city. When you come here, you can have a small sweet escape from the hustle and bustle city life. I seriously love the ambiance of Venice and it was like a xanadu for me. Let me show you my journey...

He is enjoying his art
--The Places--
1. Ponte Rialto 里亞托桥
--The symbol of the Venice
--Standing on the bridge, you may see both sides of the buildings along the waterside

2. Grand Canal 大运河
--suitable for watching sunset
--there is a lot of gondola waiting you there
--perfect time for sitting gondola is before sunset time

3. Piazza San Marco 圣马可广场
--you will get fascinated by the music orchestra show
--you may have a cup of tea/coffee sitting the side of plaza and enjoy the night view
Although the picture was a not clear, but I can say that the view at San Marco Plaza was very nice!!
The Music performance
4. Rialto Market 里亞托桥市场
--you may find some assorted types of local fresh seafood
--Give a like for the fresh and tasty local seafood

**I only have 2days to spend in Venice, so I have no chance to visit the other small island around the Venice such as Lido丽都岛, Burano彩色岛,Murano 玻璃岛. And I have not visit the bridge of sigh 叹息桥. So, Venice I will be back here soon. :) :)

Transport 交通:
1. From Paris to Venice --Ryan Air (around RM219 per pax)
2. From Venice Airport to Venice Island --Shuttle Bus (€10 -one way €18 -two-way)
3. Inside the island: Gondola (around €20 per pax [can negotiate])
**P.S: you must ask tell the person where you want to pass by, because i was not passed    by the bridge of sigh. Seem like got cheated by the gondolier (Liar...) Ish~~

4. Foot

The Gondola
Accommodation 住宿
1. Hotel Graspo De Ua 
S. Marco 5094,San Marco, 30124 Venice , Italy
**I'm using to book this hotel
Price: around RM161/pax
Click Here

2. Camping Village Jolly
via 30175, Via Giuseppe de Marchi, 7, Venezia VE, Italy
**you may book from or
Price: around RM33/pax
Food 食物
1. Breakfast provide by the hotel
Rate: 4 star

2. Riva Rialto [it located along the Grand Canal]
Riva Del Vin 18 | Ponte Di Rialto30125 Venice, Italy
Rate: 4 Star
**must try the seafood platter and the wine (White and Red)
**You will served by the funny waiter
**Overall, it has great food, service and also the atmosphere.
3. Caffe Del Doge
Venezia Rialto, Calle dei Cinque, San Polo, 609, Venezia, Italy
**You may try the espresso if you was the fan of coffee
**Dessert: Tiramisu (quite nice)
4. Trattoria Rialto Novo
518 S. POLO, Venezia, VE 30125, 30125, Italy
Rate: 2 Star
** The food is not as good as Riva Rialto
** The location is not easily find as it was at alley
Local Snacks of Venice
1. Tramezzini
--is a sandwich with the tuna and egg fillings, etc

2. Spritz
--is the Venice official local drink
--ingredient: 1/3 white wine, 1/3 bitter and 1/3 sparkling water served with Aperol or Campari
**It may not suit to my taste, but is a nice try!!
**It needs to queue up to buy this drink near the Rialto Market.  [Beside handmade postcard shop]


The gondolier

The Alley
The handmade mask 

Shopping 购物:
1. Handmade Mask
2 .Handmade Triangel
3. Handmade necklace, bracelet and earrings

-END for Venezia journey-

Station 2
Rome 罗馬--The Italian Capital--

From Venice, I had travel to the capital of Italy- Rome. This trip is quite disappointing because the famous architecture such as the Colosseo and Trevi Fountains were under construction(currently there are reopen with a gorgeous look). Therefore, I will come for it next time. Besides, I had the great opportunity to visit the smallest city in the world -- The Vatican City. I was taking the local tour to the Vatican City. It was a good experience to explore this city and I'll recommend you all to visit this city when you travel to Rome.

1. Colosseo 罗馬斗兽场
--Half part of the building was under construction and the entrance was closed.
--It was too bad that I only have the view of outer part of the Colosseo
--The view at night quite spectacular

2. Arco Di Constantino 君士坦丁凯旋门
--You may find it beside the Colosseo 
--it symbolizes victory
--you may meet a lot people selling selfie stick there...haha
3. Piazza Navona 纳沃纳广场
--it was known as the most beautiful piazza in Rome
--you may find 3 fountain in the piazza
--is a good place to date
--a lot stalls along the piazza
**Memory: I have met a seller who has sold the rubber soft toys and he show me when he had thrown the soft toy to the ground, then it will have baby's crying sound. But actually the sound is control by him and not from the rubber soft toys. Therefore, it was quite funny when you know the trick of the seller.
4. Fontana Di Trevi 特莱维喷泉
--it was so unfortunate that it was under construction (now is reopen and looks damn beautiful) 
--they provide a fake fountain for people to throw coins
--The TVB drama "Triumph in the skies" was shooting here before.
Memory: **Although it was under construction, it still attracts a lot of people. So, please take care of your belongings.

5. Pantheon 万神殿
--I didn't go into the building and just take some photos outside
--Is quite big and you may see a lot street performance in front of the pantheon
6. Piazza Di Spagna 西班牙广场
--it was different from what I'm thinking
--it was crowded with people 
--there were a lot of branded shops opposite the Piazza
View from Via del Condotti Street
7. Vatican City 梵蒂冈
-the smallest internationally recognized independent state
-I was taking the local tour as it got special gate for tour group [so we no need wait for long queue] 
**recommend taking tour as the queue is damn long
View of Rome from the Vatican City
Must send postcard from this smallest city..^^
Transport 交通:
1. from Venice to Rome: ItaliaRail (around RM124)
2. within Rome: LRT
3. Foot

Accomodation 住宿:
Rome My Sweet Home Forever
Piazza Vittorio, 70 Rome, Italy 00185
Price: around RM80/pax

Food 食物:
Royal Art Cafe Ristorante ed Eventi a Roma-Colosseo
Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Rate : 3 Star
Must Try Risotto and pizza
Alice Pizza
Via delle Grazie, 7/9, Roma, Italy
Rate: 4 Star
Pizzeria da Baffetto
Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, 00186 Roma, Italy
Rate4 Star
Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma, Italy
Rate: 3 Star

Shopping 购物:
1. La Casa Del Caffe Al Pantheon (Tazza D'oro) 金杯咖啡
2. Pocket Coffee

Try lightning effect in front of Piazza Venezia, but fail...haha
Spray Art when I'm on the way going Fontana Fountain

--END for ROME journey--

Station 3
Milan 米蘭--The Fashion City—

From Rome to Milan, I felt that Milan is more like a city and it look cleaner than
Rome. When I went to Milan, coincidently Milan Expo 2015 is held at there. And I pay a second visit to Milan only for Milan Expo. Fortunately when I went to the Milan main station, I had met a group of Milano footballer and they are all good looking. Haha…I found that there was little attraction to visit and most of the tourist was mainly came for shopping.

1. Piazza Duomo
--got a spectacular view from the outside as Milan Cathedral is located there
--be careful of people selling colourful bracelet and dry corn
--the interior view of cathedral is quite big and classic 
2. Castello Sforzesco
--Castle in Milan
--located at quiet place
--There got a fountain in front of the castle
3. Arco Della Pace
--located near the Milan castle

--almost same like the Rome 

**I didn’t go to the San Siro stadium as I just have 1 day to spend in Milan.

1. From Rome to Milan: ItaliaRail ( around RM217)
2. within Milan: Milan Metro
3. Foot

Accomodation 住宿
Youth Hostel California
Via Lambrate, 18, 20131 Milano, Italy
Price: around RM78/pax
I using Youth Hostel to book 

Food 食物
Pizzeria Spontini
Viale Papiniano, 43, 20123 Milano, Italy
Rate: 4 Star
**Must try their traditional pizza and lasagna

Fortunately, this pizza shop was interviewed by a TV programme
Luini Panzerotti
Via Santa Radegonda, 16, Milano, Italy
Rate: 2 Star
**You may try their local snack—panzerotti which is fried sandwich

The Kitchen
Via Domenico Scarlatti, 7, angolo via Alessandro Tadino, 20124 Milano, Italy
Rate: 4 Star
** You should try their seafood platter
** This restaurant was opened by a Taiwanese people, so is easy to let them recommend you their dishes if you know to speak Chinese or otherwise you need to speak Italian.

Bianco Latte
Via Filippo Turati, 30, 20121 Milano, Italy
Rate: 3 Star
Must Try their Affogato(4 Star)
The raw salmon, who’s favourite is salmon, you may try it
Fresh pasta with basil cream enriched by adding fresh burratina **Maybe not suit my taste but this is their signature dish
The Affogato, suit for everyone even for people who do not drink coffee
1. Tre Gazzelle 三隻鹿

2.  Amorino Gelato

Shopping 购物:
You may go to the Carrefour Express to buy the instant Risotto (famous local Italian food).

1. Local Design Bag –Carpisa (turtle symbol)
--Quite cheap 
2. Branded shop 
3. Leather Bag (Italy made)


The view of Milan Railway Station

The A.C Milan Footballer--Keisuke Honda

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
I take Ryan Air flight from Milan back to Poland

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