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by - December 31, 2017

If you have been followed my blog for awhile, you will know I have reviewed the Jonlivia hotpants before You may check HERE.

This time I have received their Short Sleeve ActivTee and LED Compression Pants.  The texture of the ActivTee is similar to their previous hotpants. The ActivTee has the Neoheat technology which can burn the fats 4 times more than your daily routine.  The special feature of this ActivTee is the hidden pocket at the behind of the tee. We can put our phone while we are running. Therefore, we are worry-free while we are running. 
Make sure you have chosen the right size.

Hidden Pocket at the back
The LED compression pants are different with the hotpants I tried before. The compression pants look thinner than the previous pants. This LED compression enabled you to run at night as it has the built-in reflective surface ensuring visibility. The reflective stripes can make you worry-free if you have a night distance run. Besides, I won't feel irritated (anti-pilling material) if wear for long hours. Its quick-dry material is perfect for workout and continues hanging out with friends. The efficiency of making more sweat is lower compared to their hotpants. This LED compression pant is more fashionable and stylish compared to their hotpants. 
Reflective stripe while there is a flashlight
Overall Thoughts:
The material of the ActivTee and LED compression pants are different. If you wish to reduce fat of your upper part body,  the Active Tee may suit you as it really can help me sweat a lot. My favourite part is the new feature >>> hidden pocket. I'm a person who likes to listen to music while running. This is so convenient as I can put my mobile phone in the hidden pocket. If you are a person who likes to run in the night, the LED compression pants could be your choice but it will have less feeling of sweating after exercise. It looks more stylish and you can continue hanging out with friends right after exercise. 


More information, check out their official website
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