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by - December 08, 2017

How often you do a deep moisturizing on your face 3times in a day? What skincare will you use? Let me show mine~ Moisturizing is a vital step that cannot be missed in a day as your age older, the ability of skin to absorb moisture will deteriorate day by day. So, remember to put this as your everyday routine. 

People will ask when is the best time to have moisture for skin? Here are the tips!!
After Shower, After Shower, After shower
WHY say so? Because the warm shower can open your pores. So hydration can be locked down when you do moisturizing step !!

1. Wash face WITH WARM WATER
**warm water can open and clean the skin pore
2. Apply Toner
3. Apply Moisturizing Mask 
I'm using Moisture Essence Facial Mask from Dr. Morita
4. Apply Moisturizer Cream
I'm using high purity hyaluronic acid moisturizing facial cream. 
↡↡ this can increase the skin hydration and lock the moisture in your skin
↡↡ the important thing, you won't feel sticky on your face

《《Overall thoughts》》
**BEST TIME TO APPLY THIS AT NIGHT. Due to hot and humid weather in Malaysia, it still leaves the essence on your face until the next day. So, do wash your face with cleanser.  In other words, if you travel to a dry and winter country, the essence will be fully absorbed by the skin as the skin needs more hydration in this dry environment. This is what I have experienced before.
moisture your skin 
locking hydration in your skin
 make up easy to apply

Thanks to Dr. Morita for the mask and Moisturizing Facial Cream. Those products are suitable for all especially people who are work in the air-cond office or suffer sunburn from island travel. 

Dr. Morita complete range of products are NOW available at Aeon, Caring, Guardian, Sasa, and Watsons nationwide.

For more information please log on to 
Instagram @dr.moritamy

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