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by - December 14, 2017

コニチワ ! Travel beauties =) Want to have a young and a not-tired-look during travel. Just 3 steps can make your tired face gain back the radiant and glowy skin. This handy product came from Japan and it calls 《Sugao 素颜》 which draw on naturality, sheer lightness and softness in achieving natural beauty. 

This time i have this 3 item on hands! The size damn suit for me to bring to travel.

1. Sugao Air Fit CC Cream | RM69.90
The colour of the cream is quite dark in colour and souffle-like texture. Personally, I like CC Cream that is watery type more than this kind of texture. The thing I like this CC cream is because of it won't have the sticky and oily feel after applying on the face. This CC Cream is in the pink bright shade which can make look younger and create a soft focus effect on my face.
What i do ?
↣↣Apply the cc cream to the area that I wish to cover (of course my dark eye circle, uneven skin tone around my lips)
↣↣ Blend it using the beauty blender [i have used some skincare essence put on the beauty blender instead of water, Haha XD] to make it more fit your skin
2. Sugao Cheek and Lip | RM59.90
**Brilliant Pink
For me, it was not 2-in-1 usage but 3-in-1 usage. I apply it this onto my cheek, lip and as the eyeshadow as well. I love this product once I use it as it easily blended into the skin. It was formulated with pink bright changeable powder to create a natural rosy cheek and bright looking lips. It was available in 3 colour: Natural red, Active Orange and Brilliant Pink. Can't wait to try their active orange tone. 

Let me tell you why I apply as the eyeshadow as well. If you in a hurry, this product can help you within seconds as it was easily blended with the finger and the colour blended well after applying it. It won't look weird. Trust me. It creates a glossy feel and young look using this. 


3. Sugao Lip Tint | RM45.90
**Juicy Red
Before I'm using it, I got an impression about this lip tint. "Since it so watery, it won't last long." But what I think is totally WRONG. So, really don't judge the book by its cover! Haha XD. It did impress me. I look more energetic and cute. Seriously, i love this lip tint as it was easy to apply. It available in 3 colours too: Juicy Red, Sweet Pink, Apricot Pink 

Let you look closer with my look

The look before and after

My personal thoughts: A sweet feel I got after applying Sugao products. It looks quite handy and suitable for a traveller like me. I like this kind of products as it can make me gain back the energetic appearance after applying on it within a few minutes. If you are not makeup regularly, you can use this because it won't look so grand nor exaggerate. 
【Suggestion】What occasion is suitable: Travel, Working, First Dating (Because look natural, guy like it) HAHA xD

How do you think?!

Where you can buy it??!!


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