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by - January 05, 2018

Hi Travellover, I wanna share my experience on buying contact lens at the online website - 《Mr Lens》which just needs about 5 minutes and you can order your favourite items. The famous brand such Alcon, One-day Acuvue, Freshlook and the sunglasses are sold on this website. How to trust this website? They have mentioned that their products came directly distributors or manufacturers. 

Step 1: Log in their Website and choose your favourite Lens

Step 2 : Read through the details and fill in the quantity and eye power

Step 3: Click on the confirmation and terms of service

Step 4: Fill in the delivery details! Final confirmation of your purchase.
Step 5: Make a payment and done!

Tadaa~~The delivery just need 3 days to reach my doorstep. I have bought 2 different lens ( Fresh Look Illuminate Brown Lens & 1-Day Acuvue Moist with Astigmatism)

Inside the box, you will get a guide how to wear the contact lens in a proper way. Best for the first timer.
1-day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism
Fresh Look Colour Lens (10 Colour Lens) at RM28 Rich Brown

The Look (Not really obvious but damn moisture for a day)
My thoughts:
Mr lens is a great platform which has sold a lot of brands of contact lens and sunglasses. Every brand has its own informative details in the webpage. The way how to purchase the contact lens just a 5-minutes only as easy as ABC. The delivery also reaches my doorstep in 3days time. IS super fast! And Mr Lens always have promotions on their website.  So i got a cheap deal when purchasing through their website. The contact lens that I bought is authentic from the brand. I feel damn moisture wearing all-day long.


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