Joseristine Whitening Anti-Pollution Mask 淨白美肌抗污染面膜 Now In Malaysia

by - September 16, 2017

Hey, travel beauties! For those who keep going outdoor and travel every day, I have great stuff to share with you guys! Usually, we will wash the dirt and your make up from our face after coming back from outdoor, but only washing your face with cleanser is not completely remove all the dirt from your skin. So, now I want to introduce a whitening anti pollution mask from Choi Fung Hung, HongKong.

From the research till manufacturing, the mask and essence were done by the company itself. Even the mask sheet itself also manufactured by the company too. 
The mask sheet is made up of chitosan. This Chitosan can naturally restrain bacteria, high-efficiently absorbing residual cosmetics, and cleans pore dirt, preserving moisture lastingly, activating skin and protects skin from the harmful environment. 

Essence Ingredients:
Brown Rice Vinegar gives an excellent whitening and antioxidative effect. 
Natural Herbal Extracts: soothes and repairs sensitive skin to protect from external stimuli
Marine Matrix:  keep the skin bright and clean
Hyaluronic Acid: reduces fine lines for an anti-aging effect.

How To Use  
1. After cleansing, take out a bottle of essence with the box of mask.
2. Squeeze the entire essence liquid onto the dry mask paper.
3. Shake it and let still for 2 minutes.
4. Take out the mask from the package and spread evenly over entire face for 15-20 minutes, avoiding the eye and lip area. After tearing off the mask, use your hand to gently pat on the face to make the essence fully absorbed by your skin.
5. Use the mask 2-3 times a week. Each mask is designed for one application and is not reusable.

My thoughts:
Overall rate: 👍👍👍👍

After applying the mask, I can feel my skin tighten up every time. After using it, I gently pat the remaining essence on my face make it more easily absorb. It also makes my makeup to go on smooth and look more natural.  I won't feel it itchy as it soothes my sensitive skin as well. I was happy that the brown rice vinegar smell won't left on my skin as I don't really like the smell. It did moisture my face and do not feel sticky after using it. After I apply the second time, my skin getting bright and white.

For more information,
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