O-lens Korea Coloured Contact Lens

by - September 01, 2017

Hey Travellover, today I'm gonna share my personal experience with the O-lens contact lens. Before I went to Korea, I knew about this brand was very famous among the Korean youngster. Their main ambassador was from the Korean famous girl group EXID, Hani. And this is my first time bought contact lens from oversea. After second purchase, I decided to share my experience with you guys. 

1. O-lens Someday Brown
the full set package in the lens box
it suit with my hair XD

Product Detail
Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve(BC) : 8.6mm
Power: 0.00~-8.00
Using Cycle Periods: 1 Month Disposable
Water Content: 43%


the full set package in the lens box

Product Detail
Diameter : 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.3mm
Base Curve(BC) : 8.6mm
Power : 0.00~-8.00
Using Cycle Periods : 1 Month Disposable
Water Content: 38%

My sincere thoughts and sharing:
First, I would like to let you guys know the contact lens that I usually wear can be found in the optical shop as I feel safe to use and recommended by the optical store. Seriously, when I wear this 2 O-lens contact lens, i won't feel any dryness all day long compared to the previous brand I use. Furthermore, their packaging was quite attractive and have a lens case, lens clip and contact lens solution if you bought from their official store. The first someday brown lens I bought is influenced by Lee Sung Kyung and bought it from Busan O-lens official flagstore while the purple pink lens was bought from 11street Malaysia as they are doing promotion. 

More information: 
Website: http://o-lens.com/

Disclaimer:The products that shown above is purchased by my own. 

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  1. looking so lovely babe! heard so many good reviews about this olens! cant wait to get mine soon ^^