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by - November 01, 2017

Hi travel beauty! Recently i just get the lovely dewy box from Althea Korea. As you know, Althea Korea is a website that sells authentic Korea beauty products. And firstly, i would like to tell you what i have in a Lovely Dewy Box.

1. Laneige White Dew Skin Refiner
2. Son & Park Concealer Cube, Natural Shade
3. Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eye, Gold Beam
4. Pure Smile Essence Mask
5. It's My Lip Crayon, NC01

**【For All Skin Types】, RM 106.00 (120ml)
PS↠ My Skin condition ⏭ Combination but more to dry skin
💙 fast absorption into skin
💙 moisture finish
💙 reduce uneven skin tone

How to use?
skincare in the morning
reduce uneven skin tone in night

My comments: 💗💗💗💗
it has a great smell! It was a watery type and easy for absorption. It did reduce a bit the uneven skin tone around my lips. I'm looking for more changes after next month.

Shade: Natural

Recommendation of using Son & Park Concealer
↘↘ Apply small amount of concealer on your face
↘↘ Moisture the blender with a little bit of water and blend the concealer evenly on your face

My Comments:💗💗💗
It was suitable for a traveller like me. It was thick and easy to blend. My dark eye circle and uneven skin tone were get covered with a thin layer of concealer. A point that I'm not like was the smell of the concealer. Overall, it has a good coverage. 

Colour: Gold beam

My comments:💗💗💗
I like this dual combination which combines the eyeliner and eyeshadow together as it would save my time if I'm in the rush of time. The colour was vibrant and slightly pigmented. It was suitable for the nude makeup look. It has another type of colour which is the pink colour. Since it was randomly picked, I would like to buy their pink beam and try =)


My comments:💗💗💗💗
Love the smell of the mask. My skin gets refresh after doing the mask. I won't feel sticky after apply on it. Suggest to wash your face and apply toner on the skin before applying the mask.

Code: NC01 Nudie Coral 

My comment:💗💗💗
This lip crayon is like lip balm type. The colour will be seen gradually after apply. It did moisture my lips. And it is suitable to use after putting the lipstick. It will keep your lips moist. 

Overall Look:

Now is available @altheakorea with ONLY RM110.00 for this 5 full-size products whereby the original price need around RM200++. What i thoughts is really worth to buy it! 

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