[Poland Series] Poznan 波兹南 | Find the Metal Goats

by - March 08, 2016


After visit Wroclaw, I visit this place. Because of that, I was confused as both of the cities’ Old Town are look similar. Why I’m say so??!! Their old town area is in square size. In addition, the rainbow colour of the building also made me puzzled. haha ^_^

When I reached there, there was the street food festival. So coincidence. I have asked the friendly receptionist about the festival and she print out a list street food for me! So nice ~ I have a chance to try the street food as much as I can because I stay there for one night only. T_T

These are the place I have go…

1. The Old Square [ Stary Rynek]
---is a just stone’s thrown away from my Retro Hostel
---u just need few minutes to walk finish as it only a square size big
---full of renaissance building in the centre of old town
--- There is a row of visually striking merchant building painted in multi-coloured design

2. Poznan Town Hall [Ratusz]
---Feature: The display of mechanical fighting metal goats, played out daily at noon above the clock on the front wall of the building. The clockwork goats hit each other with horns twelve times.
---hotspot for wedding occasion
---small episode: I have seen a protest in front of the Town Hall together with media, but I don’t know what they are saying  (in polish language), luckily got a local people explained to us what had happened.

3. Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania
---A nice experience and a funny presenter
---they showed and explained the process of doing croissant
---I’m was happy to do the croissant with the help of the pastry chef
***Don’t worry they know to speak in English
***I heard the host say that Poznan people do not like the Warsaw people. But don’t know why??!! They just mentioned that if there was some left croissant, they will sell to Warsaw people.

4. Poznań Collegiate Church
---also known as Fara Church
---is a traditional parish church
---I was amazed the music instrument >>> Pipe Organ at the upper centre of the church

Kramarska 1, 61-765 Poznań, Poland
-4 people in a room (double decker), shared bathroom, no towel provided
-using Booking.com
price: RM70/pax
Rate: ☆☆☆

Stary Rynek 52, 61-772 Poznań, Poland
Rate: ☆☆☆☆
Try their Chicken wings !
* They sell Pork burger too…
Wrocławska, Poznań, Poland
Rate: ☆☆
*Their chips is just normal, nothing special
I still prefer the Amsterdam Manneken Pis fries

3. Lodziarnia Wroniecka 17
Wroniecka 17, Poznań, Poland
Rate: ☆☆☆
*You may try their Grapefruit Sherbet

3. Manekin [Poznan Branch] Manekin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
ul. Kwiatowa 3, poznan
Rate: ☆☆☆☆
* Must try Indian pancake (Indian, Chicken, tomatoes, onion, garam masala, cumin sauce), spaghetti pancake (spinach with grilled salmon), lots of sweet pancakes ...


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  1. wah ... this is beautiful. love the view.

  2. wow Poland is a nice country, hope I can visit there too

  3. Wow~ The buildings are so colourful~ Thank you for the post, I can get a clearer picture of Poland now~ Hope I can visit there too~

  4. The architecture is superb! I would love to visit to this kind of place. It must be an awesome experience .

  5. Waa..i love the design of the building! very unique and vintage! hope i can visit there someday!

  6. wow... thanks for sharing about your trip to Poland... wish I can go and see it for myself too...

  7. The church is so pretty! So historical, I really like this kind of old church design! So many nice food during this Poland trip also ah!

  8. aww this post makes me missing my time in Europe. such a lovely place and i hope i can visit there again some day.

  9. I wish to visit Poland too. Perhaps to make a trip to Europe soon.

  10. Wow, the architecture there are so amazing. The building are totally lively

  11. Such a nice explore!
    Wondering total of how much do you use for this trip.

    You can pm me thru my fb

    Thank you

  12. Poznan looks really serene and beautiful. I enjoy old architecture and this looks like an amazing town to indulge in that.

  13. The church looks amazing! and the hotel..it looks really vibrant...^^

  14. wow!!!So so so beautiful!!!I wish i can travel there!!

  15. Always love your travel post. Thanks for sharing :D

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    so many nice photos. i'm jelly.. :D

  17. I like the building architecture. I want to go there too.

  18. all the architecture are super cool, love those artsy places with sculptures and all

  19. Poland looks beautiful. Never been there myself, but would love to visit one day :)