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Hey guys, finally I got time to write about my X’mas Cupcake Workshop with Butterflies team at 19 Culinary Studio. The studio wishes to h...

Hey guys, finally I got time to write about my X’mas Cupcake Workshop with Butterflies team at 19 Culinary Studio. The studio wishes to have a memorable experience whether to learn or improve their culinary skills, spend their spare time with friends or bond with their loved ones in a fun and affordable way. Unlike other culinary schools, our classes are kept small and conducted HANDS-ON in a HOME KITCHEN environment using recipes which can be re-created at home. Thanks, Tammy Mamasan for letting me to experience and explore how to do a dessert. Seriously, I love the environment and ambience of the school as it can make me focus on doing baking or cooking!

So, let me show you how I bake Red Velvet Cupcakes featuring Christmas icing decoration!

 These are the ingredients we need to prepare for the cupcake.

We were guided by Suraiya and her team. Is quite fun to work as a team. For me who was a newbie, I was given the handy guide recipe printout to follow step by step. If having any problem, there will be helper assist me all the time and make me no worry!
First, we mixed the batter with caster sugar, butter, vanilla extract cocoa powder, red food flavouring, etc together. 
Then followed by sifting the flour by using a small filter and pour into the mixer.

After that, the flour was beating with 3 eggs until light and fluffy. Before that, do make sure your egg yolk is in good condition as it will affect the batter mixture.  The latter part was poured the liquid mixture into the mixer bit by bit. Remember not to pour the whole liquid mixture into the mixer as it will make the mixture watery.

After around 20 minutes of mixing, the mixture is ready to bake. We put the mixture into the cupcake.
with the pretty butterflies
The oven had to be pre-heated before we putting the cupcake.  (Opps! forget about the temperature) It took about 30minutes for the heating. 

While waiting for the cupcake, we were taught about the icing of the cupcake.
The friendly instructor taught us some simple icing decoration for our cupcake. Since the time was near the Christmas, so we were doing the Christmas decoration for the cupcake.
I saw a lot of butterflies done very well on their icing !!

Tada~ These are the cupcake we have done! 

Photo source: Me & Tammy

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