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Markets21 - The Largest Lifestyle Bazaar in Klang Valley @ The School , Pop by Jaya One

Hi, guys! Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you bought your new clothes, shoes, and accessories?? If not, why don’t you just drop by ...

Hi, guys! Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you bought your new clothes, shoes, and accessories?? If not, why don’t you just drop by at Jaya One The School in this 14th-15th January from 11 am until 7 pm to have a look? The Largest Lifestyle Bazaar in the Klang Valley is back !!! 

There are selling old and new quality goods ranging from clothing, hand-crafted items, food truck, stage games and also performances. Opportunities are given to vendors here to promote and sell their goods and till today they have an association with over 80 vendors and still expanding. So, for those who wish to have a personal business but do not own a blogshop, instashop or even an online shop, you may consider using this way to start up your business! 

Let me tell you a bit about Pop by Jaya one!

POP by Jaya One is a pop-up retail store that has no limitations for you to showcase your creativity and ideas. POP also offers an opportunity for you to kick-start your hobby into a business a platform that is easy and accessible for you so there is no longer an excuse for you to not kick-start on your entrepreneurship. All of this start from as low as RM800 per week, you don’t have to wait for the weekends anymore to pop open your store now! #haveyoudoneit 

This time #Market 21  partner the official shopping apps---Shopee will head over Jaya one and they will be having a 20% discount (capped at RM15) if you purchase your goodies during these 2-day events happening on 14-15 Jan from 11 am - 7 pm located at The School by Jaya One. **This discount is only applicable to selected vendors.

Not forget to mention that The School is in collaboration with Peanut Butter Studio will be having a showdown of dance battle ala street style. There will also be a Junior Dance showcase category too! Drop by on January 15th to witness the amazing showcase of talents!!

Buyer VS Seller stage challenge is not your ordinary kind of sale instead it involves bargaining and also your estimation of how much that good is valued to you. Bring out the entrepreneur in you and see what’s your skills are worth as both the buyer and seller! The winner stands a chance to win vouchers and merchandises by POP! Sound great right ??!!

 Showing you the dress i have bought from the vendor at the Pop by Jaya One ! 

I will be at there in this coming weekend! Come along with your family or friends to enjoy the shopping, food, and performance!

More information:
Date: 14th - 15th January
Time: 11 am - 7 pm
Venue: The School, Pop by Jaya One

See You There !!!


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  1. Such a lovely place to buy and sell stuff.. lovely bazaar!

  2. wow...i like your dress!!!!look young dear!!

  3. I like thisbkind of shopping concept. everthing is in one roof!

  4. Thanks for the information! Plan to go maybe ;)

  5. I would definitely be there if I wasn't on a trip right now. Absolutely love bazaars like Jaya One.

  6. im looking forward to see the seller vs buyer stage.
    wanted to see the whole scene drama. hahaha

  7. Wahh. Macam syok je. Will there be like many clothes on sales?

  8. Awww. Shopee is now partnering with markets21? Sure there's lots of good deals. I gonna visit

  9. I want to join this kind of bazaar too! Maybe after CNY =D

  10. Yes! Time to spend money again T_T Feeling so broke lately! haha

  11. aiks miss the market. hope they are having next one pretty soon. you look good in your outfit!

  12. wow looks like a great event, sadly missed it.