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by - July 26, 2017

안녕하세요! This post gonna my reveal my real experience with this G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream.  G9 Skin is originated from Korea, specially formulated with anti-city pollution skin care concept, excludes various skin trouble factors, and adds effective ingredients for healthy skin. 

3 Main Facts about G9 Skin:
Guard 9 
↬↬↬ protect your skin from 9 harmful factors which caused from city life
Good 9
↬↬↬ 9 ingredients, G9 Complex help to purify and protect your tired skin to clean and healthy skin.
Guide 9
↬↬↬ You will have healthy and beautiful skin after long with these optimized 9 effective guide for your skin trouble.

The Power of 9 ingredients from G9 Skin Korea

G9 Skin White In Whitening Cream 50g
↬↬↬ Best seller and recommended product
↬↬↬Water drop formulation rich with Hyaluronic acid which provides the long lasting moisturize effect, skin full with hydration and natural glowing. 
↬↬↬ Feature: Professional Whitening, Soft Whipping Cream Texture, Skin Blurring Effect 

How to Use : 
Morning: Use before makeup to make the skin tone evenly 
Night: Whitening, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing all-in-one cream to finish up your skincare routine

You will see the yellow tone if didn't apply with the G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream.
My thoughts:
I quite like this G9 skin white in whipping cream as I have really seen the instant effect on my skin. I have an uneven skin tone around my lips and this cream did help me whiten the uneven area. Besides, I'm a person who likes outdoor activities and this product really suits for me. It can be a base to brighten my dull skin before I make up.

These are rating after I use it:  
Whitening : 
Moisturizing : 

For more information, check out their 
Website: http://www.g9skin.com/


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