[Travel Beauty] 지나인스킨 G9 Skin First Glow Lipstick | 5 Vibrant Shades

by - July 26, 2017

If you are a fan Korean cosmetics or a lipstick lover, this Korean G9 Skin First Glow Lipstick could be your favourite. Today I have 5 vibrant colours to share with you guys!
These are the five shades I have =) 
1. Peach Brown
2. Vintage Red
3. Dry Rose
4. Dazzling Pink
5. Midnight Red

The Feature:
  Creamy Soft texture
↳  Perfect Colour with one apply
↳  Light feeling like second skin the real and positive red you been looking for

1.Peach Brown
↣ a yellowish peach brown to achieve mellow impression
2.Vintage Red
↣ a brownish classic red
4. Dazzling Pink
↣ achieve lustrous lip color
4. Midnight Red
↣ the real and positive red you been looking for 
5.Dry Rose
↣ neat and attractive dry rose

Final thoughts: First time using their lipstick and i had an unexpected great experience from this brand. Their matte lipstick was damn vibrant and great feature to be mentioned is the lipstick has shea butter that protect our lips from dryness. It really do not have caking effect and perfect fitting effect as applied primer.

Recommendation: you may use powder or cushion to slightly adjust lip tone and apply lipstick from the inside of lip.

Which shades you guys like ?! 

For more information, check out their 
Website: http://www.g9skin.com/


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