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Happy 4th Birthday The Butterfly Project + Unboxing Birthday Bag

This is my second year joining butterfly project. I feel very happy to be a part of the community as this is community group especially...

This is my second year joining butterfly project. I feel very happy to be a part of the community as this is community group especially the founder --- Tammy aka Mamasan is my mentor during my blogging moments. So, here is the place I start my blogging life and met a lot of awesome bloggers which is now my best friends. This is my second year joining this community and now is the 4th year of The Butterfly Project. I wish the butterfly getting stronger and bigger !!

First time to try this kind of make up! How you think ?

Now I share the 4th birthday bash moments with you guys! This time the emcee of the day was Dee Leonard, a funny guy! haha XD Firstly, the party started with the speech of founder, Our Mamasan. Our Mamasan really work hard for us and get a lot of sponsor products for the butterflies! To make the birthday bash more meaningful, we are called to have a simple introduction about ourselves. Is fun to know some of the butterflies in the party. 
Is time to check our gift in our birthday bag!!! One of the gorgeous butterflies--Sydney help us to introduce all the sponsor gift! We are so excited and screaming when we saw the products that we wish to get for a long time. 
busy joining the instagram contest!

So now i gonna unbox the gift now!

1.Wanderlust Things - Unicorn Face/Eye Make Up Brush
>>>Made from the finest unicorn hair & strong unicorn horn handle 
REVIEW: I really love this brush so much and the texture of the brush was quite nice. There have a lot of special brush like Harry Potter Wand Eye Makeup Brushes and lots more. #wanderlustthings
2.W.lab - Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming 
>>>Goddess like eye shadows created with the beauty of flowers and made with various flower extracts. Let your natural beauty bloom with a palette of 10 beautiful colours. #Wlab
REVIEW: I like this colour palette so much because it is rose gold !! Omg ~~i will let you guys know after i try it =)
More info:
3.Orkid Cosmetic - Liquid Lipstick  
>>> Orkid Cosmetic is a Halal beauty brand created by a local blogger. Their matte suade lipsticks have been the talk of the town. #orkidcosmetics
REVIEW: I got 4 colours to try and the texture is quite good! 
More info: 
4. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black
>>>Cry all you want because this easy-to-use, quick dry, waterproof liquid eyeliner is resistance to sweat, water, tears and sebum, contain beauty essences to nourish your skin.
REVIEW: i think this eyeliner is not suitable for me. #DollywinkMalaysia
5.1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara 
Magnify your eyelashes with this diamond-shaped brush that coats your lashes from the root to top, lifting and thickening every single lash without weighing it down.
Comment: I really can't wait to use this when i make up! do stay tuned my social media.
Instagram: @1028_my
6. Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner & Floral Hydro Mist
Comment:  I like the liquid eyeliner very much and the floral mist was very nice to use when i go for travel.  #MamondeMY
Instagram: @Mamondemalaysia
7. Neesya Cleansing Set
>>> Certified Halal. The brightening set comes with a 100ml Gel Cleanser & 75ml Enzymatic Refiner Scrub to brighten & revive dull looking so your skin gets the makeover it needs.
 Comment: good for me because I can bring it for travel. #neesyaskincare
8. Hadabisei Moistuizing Face Mask Extra Rich 
REVIEW: this mask is from Japan and is really nice and moiturizing!  #HadabiseiMY
9. Clinelle 
-UV Defense SPF50 30ml
-PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml
-Hot Body Shaper Cream 170ml
REVIEW: Once i see the hot body shaper cream, i was excited as i can say bye bye to my fatty stomach. haha XD
More info:

10. Adidas 
-Climacool Shower Gel 
-Climacool Deodorant
Comment: Thanks for the shampoo as it really smell good!
11. Paz Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel  
Comment: The aloe vera gel always my favourite as aloe vera gel can soothe my skin very much!
12. Photobook Malaysia
>>>The simple book 6X6 Hardcover 20pgs
>>> 50X4R prints
Comment: Can't wait to print out all my photos !! Photo create memories right?!
13. G&G Studiobooth Photobox Prints 
I get awesome photo from G&G Photobooth as i can take photos with all my dear butterflies! 

really happy to meet the butterflies!!

One of things to mention! In the party, they have 2 contest in this party and i have won the Instagram contest! The one i can't believe is i won the prize with my Swagger Bestie!! The feel is really awesome and excited once the announcement is out. 
Outfit from @Fblock Boutique

Lovely photo session with our Mamasan #thanksTheBodyShop

Butterflies Photo 

Other Candid Photos

Thanks Eros, the talented beauty blogger and photographer of the day


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