【TBP Bday】When a Unicorn meets her friends in a Birthday Party

by - April 30, 2018

Firstly, need to make up as a unicorn. With lack of makeup skills, I had tried my best to make myself to be a Unicorn. I wearing a purple pink lens to enhance my look. A simple unicorn look i have. 
Actually, it is hard for me as a beginner. If I make up using those heavy colours, i think I become like this.... Opps~~
This time i wear like more to Japanese Student. XDD 
Japanese Unicorn ..Kawaii Style *PERASAN
I should wear a cosplay outfit huh~~ >,<
Then, you are eligible to attend a unicorn party. 

This time the party was organized by the Butterfly Project Community whereby all the bloggers meeting each other and exchange their info and review about beauty and lifestyle. And of course, this time i had celebrate the 5th Birthday of the community and met my favourite girls.

Upon arrival, I had received my invitation as well as activity card.
Before that, get the unicorn goodies bag and take photo in front of the Butterfly Project Birthday Backdrop

credit to Eros<3 b="">

Later is the short and casual speech by our Mamasan who is in a purple wig hair. And later opening ceremony conduct by her and the EMCEE of the day, Dee who is in rainbow hair XDD

Oh yeah!! 

Our first activity which is the flower bar conduct by the Everydays Flower.

A beautiful unicorn need to match a bouquet of pretty flower. Don't you think?

Pick Me ! Pick Me Up
Hmmm..Which flower i should choose?

Next, adopt my personal unicorn instead of buying !! XD

Konichiwa,my name is travel unicorn because my owner like to travel.

Third things must do is to cease the moment with my unicorn buddy. Take photos and boomerang at Boomerang PhotoBox by GNG Studiobooth.

GNG Studiobooth (also known as Glitz&Glam Studiobooth) is formed by a team of enthusiastic, experienced and creative photo booth consultants.They redefined the common photo booth into Studiobooth to fit today’s demand by providing a diversity of services. Their concept is to combine the elements of commercial photography and instant photo printing to create and capture memories through live photography experience. 

Besides photo booth, they are the experts in creating amazing & beautiful wedding backdrops and table decorations. With a focus on ensuring your wedding reflects your individual couple style; the team will tailor a decor concept to suit your requirements that are also characteristic of your wedding day vision. 

What they provide??!!
Boomerang PhotoBox with unlimited photo printing (New Service - they are the first to try this!)

Difference between Gif Photobox & Boomerang Photobox?
Gif takes multiple photographs and combines into a gif animation

Boomerang is on the spot live action video recording

How was the quality??
Waterproof and anti-fingerprint

More information,
Website | FB | IG 

Last activities is with the Brrrloon
Is new thing for me !! Kinda exciting~


1st↬↬You have colour the other side of the balloon

2nd↬↬ Hit the center 
3rd↬↬ Shake it

Opps not this kind of shaking..LOL
4th↬↬ Watch it grow

Last Activity was the announcement of best unicorn make up and dress up!!

Congrats to the winner!! Syafiera, Rawlins and Bella.
Credit to Eros

Lastly !! Selfie and Wefie time !!!

Group photo with all unicornsssss

Wefie with our mamasan unicorn Tammy, the most obvious unicorn with heart spec

Of course with my favourite swaggersss
We really have many pattern la!!
Nicole & Sharon

And of course with my childhood friends, Sin Nee!! <3 b="">

Let me show you my unicorn gift!!!

My custommade flower

Flowers can put a smile on anyone’s face! Everyday Flowers’ Flower Bar provides personalized bouquets for all your guests! They get to choose their favourite flowers at our bar and we'll work our magic to turn it into beautiful bouquets. Our Flower Bar will not only enhance your event decor, but it’ll also allow your guests to bring home a little piece of your celebration home with them. If you’re looking to add a uniquely creative bar at your event, try the Flower Bar.

More information:

The first auto inflate coloring Brrrloon in Malaysia.

Other than the auto inflate brrrloon, they also provide balloon for party
↳ Personalized Bubble Balloon
↳ Helium Balloons
↳ Auto-inflate Colouring Balloon
↳ Balloon Powered Toys
↳ Balloon Sculpture
↳ Balloon Arches & more!

The quality is not bad as my auto brrrloon still haven't deflate now.

*Available at:
Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact No. 018-2777130

More information:

belif Malaysia
Best Sellers On-The-Go RM89 【Product Link

*Available at belif Malaysia stores

Website | FB | IG 
 I had try this before and review at 【HERE

NYX Cosmetics Malaysia 

Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) RM30 【Product Link

Lip Of the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherished) RM35 【Product Link
I love this colour so much as it quite pigmented and will brighten my make up. Currently, it is available at NYX Stores & online retailers.
Website | FB | IG 

Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes *LATEST LAUNCH*
No.29 PURE DOLLY 【Product Link

Grab this at RM58.90/box , so that you can have a lovely and natural eye! Later ,all the boys will come to you!

 Currently, it is available at selected stores e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

Wanderlust Things
Unicorn Necklace RM14.90 【Product Link
You can check out not only the pretty unicorn necklace but also the unicorn make up brush set.
Now they have launched a unicorn surprise box. Faster check out their website for more updates.
More information
Website | FB | IG 

Dear Beaute (Japan)
Himawari Hair Care Samples 【Product Link
Available at selected stored e.g Watsons, Guardian & Sasa Malaysia

Unicorn Mugs RM39.90 【Product Link

I think really suitable as a birthday gift for friends. 

More information,
Website | FB | IG 

Thanks for all the sponsor and the butterfly project !!!
Till then,


《The Buttefly Project》

Photos taken using olympus PEN-F

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