[Travel OOTD] My Korean OOTD Style

by - June 23, 2017

Hey Girls, I have something to share with you guys. If you have followed my Instagram post, you will see my pretty outfit is all from F block Boutique.

Let's me introduce you a bit about this boutique! F block has delivered the 'Fast Fashionwhich is always changing and always in style with the ability to appeal to funky 16vogue 20glamour 30 and sophisticated 40 all simultaneously. It is a unique blend of quality, style and versatility. Anyone who chooses to be styled at our stores or fblock.com.my can leave confidently with the latest style. F block has opened its' first official stores at Desa Sri Hartamas. And eventually opened its branch at several places in Klang Valley area like Leisure Mall, Sri Petaling, Bangsar, Kuchai Lama and Parkamaya @ Farenheit88.

Let me show you my outfit during my trip!

Day1: Airport OOTD
I'm wearing a long dress pairing up with a red cap and black sneaker! Suggestion: you may wear a legging whereby can bring out another type of style.This kind of outfit brings out the swagger and light feel. 
Top: F block Long dress
Bottom: F block Legging
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia
Cap: Lightbulb Apparel

Day2: Korean Sportswear Style
I'm wearing a sporty top and a legging with an orange knitting hat and black sneaker as well. I plan to wear this outfit as the weather in Jeju was not that good. Sudden rain will happen any time. So is good to have this kind of sporty outfit when you travel.
Top: F block sporty top
Bottom: F block Legging
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia
Hat: Uniqlo Winter Hat

 Tips: You can use jacket tie around your waist too and make your style have a different feel.

Day3: Typical Korean OOTD
I wearing a 2-piece shoulder top dress. I fall in love at first sight when I saw this dress. This totally a typical Korean must-buy dress. It can make looks more feminine when wearing on it.
Top: F block 2-piece shoulder top dress
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia

Day4: 2-Way Style Top
I'm wearing this outfit during my first day in Busan. The top can keep warm during the wind blow. I have matched it with high waist jeans. This top looks very cool as I can have 2 ways of wearing. 
Top: F block 2-way top
Bottom: F block High Waist Long Jeans
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia

Day5: High Waist Style
I love this outfit so much when matched it with high waist short. This is one of style where the Korean like to wear. I also wear with black stocking and make my leg longer as I was a petite girl. XD
Top: F block red top
Bottom: F block High Waist short
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia

Day 6: Outfit blending with the hairstyle
My brown top really blends with my copper brown hair. The top looks quite feminine. It not only suits for travel but also for casual working style when matched the high waist jeans. 
Top: F block brown top 
Bottom: F block High Waist Long Jeans
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia

Day 7: Pastel with Black
A simple outfit I had whereby the light blue short top matches me a black short. The whole outfit can make your leg ratio look longer. Typical Korean OOTD usually will show their long leg.
Top: F block light blue top
Bottom: F block black short
Shoes: Skechers Malaysia

Overall Rating (based on my experience):

I really satisfied with their clothes as the price was affordable too. During the travel, I feel comfortable when wearing the outfit. Besides the price, this is one of the important features I will consider when I buy clothes or a bottom. They have a lot of choices for me to choose when I shop in the virtual or their existing store.

Wanna shopping now?
Check out their website and their official boutique NOW!!! 

Leisure Mall, Sri Petaling, Bangsar , Kuchai Lama and Parkamaya @ Farenheit88.

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  @travellover23 [More photos]

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  1. Lovely OOTD of you, nice outfits available at F Block! Haven been to their store for quite awhile now.

  2. Pretty girl in gorgepus outfits in a lovely country.. i cannot do ootd.. my outfits are basically t shirt and jeans or cargo pants when I travel

  3. When in Korea do like Koreans do. Awesome OOTDs

  4. Aww. I love how you style those outfits, it really suits you. Btw, you look like a Korean already. haha

  5. love the F block 2-piece shoulder top dress. look pretty on you

  6. Well, most aren't my style but I'd love to try the Airport OOTD. It's simple, airy and comfy. Love the tights inside as well. No need to be demure. HAHAHA

  7. All these styles are very different! I'd go for many of them. The airport one is especially cool :)

  8. Hey babe! Looking awesome as usual!! I love their clothes and use to buy a lot of outfit from their shop!! I love the skirt set, make you looks slim and tall <3 <3

  9. I love the way you dress for your everyday ootd. I have been to exactly the same places as you been <3

  10. Cool outfits! You sure have an eye for fashion!

  11. So nice! Got GIF pics somemore! 😍