[Travel Gadget] My Experience with Mirrorless Camera Canon EOS M5

by - June 17, 2017

Hey travel lover, is time to share about my experience with Canon EOS M5. I not an expert about camera feature but I know a good camera is needed during travel to capture the best moment! We not only enjoy the view with our eyes, but also can capture our memories using camera! Don’t you think so?!

First, as travel wanderlust, we need to know the basic things we need to have in a camera. The first thing I would consider is the size and weight of the camera after the price!

Canon EOS M5 size is 115.6 x 89.2 x 60.6 mm and about 427g. The size and weight has met my expectation as I prefer a lightweight and small camera for my travel. I think this camera is suitable for girls’ traveller. You won’t fell burden when you carry it.

The 2nd thing is the Video Mode. As a travel blogger, you may capture some scene for making vlog. So, this camera is best for taking video as it has Full HD 60p recording where you can capture smooth and realistic movies of action. This camera is easy to use to do a vlog! Seriously it was very clear in view.

Talk about it’s photos qualities~

Landscape view

 Even you zoom a certain area, you still can a perfect view! I really like this shoot very much!

Potrait view

Food view 

Shutter speed view

Thanks Oppa for featuring  ㅋㅋㅋ
Low Light View

Night view 
Night view of Gwangan Bridge

Photos will tell you the quality of the camera. Don't you think so? 

Canon EOS M5 is the first mirrorless camera to offer Dual Pixel technology for fast and accurate autofocusing and you can change your lens if you want. The additional benefit is the wireless connection. As a travel blogger, I always want to share the fastest and beautiful photos to my reader, so this feature helps me a lot. I can upload my photos and video within seconds! The design of this camera is simple and classic. I really fond of it.

MY final thoughts:
Throughout this travel journey, I can capture a lot of great photos and really satisfied with the outcome using this Canon EOS M5. The price was worth to buy if you plan to use it for a long term. Besides, I will suggest you guys bring spare battery during the trip. This is one of my experience during my Korea Trip. With this lightweight camera, this is a perfect feature for those who always loves to travel. Bring a heavy camera could be a burden. So this would be one of the crucial criteria i will think after the price. XD 

Enjoy my Vlog ! 

Till then, 

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  1. I'm actually looking for a new camera now and this one seems pretty good!