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by - August 05, 2017

Is time to let you guys know more about my beloved country! Today I will introduce parts of our Malaysia culture to you guys.
Before that, let me explain about SeniKome, Seni means Art, Kome comes from Kami means We. Therefore, SeniKome means "Our Art". This art gallery was mainly exhibited about the culture from the Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast states, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.
Firstly, I was guided by the staff and they introduce about each state at the East Coast Area. Among the 3 State, I still haven't explored Terengganu state whereby there surrounded by a lot of beautiful islands.  There was a row of steel art in the gallery near the entrance. I can't believe those steel arts were imitated the Silat Technique. Silat was a class of indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia. 
Walking inner side and you will see the old weapon like Keris that been used by warrior during the days. At a corner, you will be seeing a wide range of traditional music instruments. You can get a chance to try the instrument on the spot. 

From the musical instrument corner, turn your sight into this area. Can you guess what is the steel-like thing? 
The answer is the mould that making the art of batik. I wonder how they make these steel into a complicated art mould. I really amazed with this. From the other corner, there was some kind of clothes like famous Songket, Batik and so on showcasing in a glass box. 

Most attractive part is this corner!! You can try to all childhood games like Congkak, ShuttleCock, Sepak Takraw aka "Kick Volleyball" and more. Some of the games really exciting!  Stop playing phone and lets' play it with your friends and I'm sure you will get some fun playing with those games!
Besides that, there was a place displayed all the "Scary" mask, the aborigines believe that those masks can cast away the disaster or disease. 
There was a Wayang Kulit aka puppet show in this gallery too. You may enjoy the show by sitting at the long bench provided. 

At the end of the gallery, you may have a glance of the art exhibit at this gallery. Feel hungry ? There are a shop selling authentic taste of East Coast Malaysia recipes that preserved by the generation. 

1. The Signature Nasi Kerabu [Recommended]
↬↬The rice is steamed in blue water extracted from 'bunga telang' Butterfly pea flower) A must try authentic delicacy of the East Coast Malaysia.
2.Mee Siam [Recommended] 
↬↬ Stir-fry rice vermicelli with fragrant chilli paste
3.Keropok Lekor [Recommended]
↬↬ A kind of famous snack of East Coast Malaysia
4.Apapun Ada [Means Everything in Malay]
5.Bubur Cha Cha 
↬↬ A dessert soup of yam and sweet potato cubes served in coconut milk

My final thought:
I really get to know more deeply about East Coast of Malaysia. This gallery can make you gain a lot informative historical experience you never can get through the book. 

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