KORNNA Footwear | HongKong High Quality Eva Shoes NOW at Parkson, MyTown Shopping Mall

by - April 28, 2017

Hey, guys! I'm just back from Korea! Before sharing about my Korea Trip, I wanna share with you guys a footwear brand from HongKong. Sometimes I'm thinking how to be fashionable when I travel? When I saw their brand of shoes, I think it is suitable for me because it is comfortable to wear and yet colourful. 
KORNNA is every urban dweller's runaway to a bustling and active lifestyle.‘Making Feet, Hip & Happy.’ KORNNA is the new icon of casual footwear for the young and young at heart. Every colour and style is born from the passion of our designers to express your personality, mood and attitude. 
Their shoes are made from high quality EVA material using advanced technology without compromising on comfort and style. KORNNA kicked off in Malaysia in early 2015 with a few classic patterns, gaining a small but growing stream of customers. The brand targets consumers of all ages, especially the crowd of ages between 20 and 40 years old. And suitable for both women and men. 
Their comfy and colourful beach and casual footwear 

One of my favourite type of shoes in their collection
The brand identity associates itself with city dwellers, dream makers and style-conscious individuals. As you can see here, we developed phase one of the branding for KORNNA, and created its first key look that is a result from our experiments with pop graphic, various typefaces, and vivid colours. Most of the colours chosen for this look are inspired by KORNNA’s range of shoes that also come in very attractive colours.
Not only shoes, they also provide a wide range of affordable stylish sunglasses! I managed to get a promo price for the opening day.  
ààWater proof
àà it can be bend and not easily spoil
àà Anti-Microbial
àà Lightweight
àà Shock Absorbant
PRICE üüüü
ààThe price range was reasonable
STYLE  üüüü
àà colourful and stylish matching your OOTD

More info:
Website: http://www.kornna.com/


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  1. I like the colour you choose. suits you really well dear :D

  2. good that you share here so now I know where to shop. I like the sunglasses and shoes

  3. Woah! All the footwear look so colorful and in trend! Feel like getting one.

  4. wow. i like its design. gotta buy one for my travel sandals.

  5. I like that it is water proof and can be bent easily. Convenient for travelling. However, I wonder how comfortable it is for long wear.

  6. Is this a new brand? Its my first time hearing it. Somewhat they have a great design.

  7. Have not seen these shoes yet, but they look colourful and lightweight... I am definitely interested...

  8. Nice collection with colourful design, maybe I will get one pair too :)

  9. I like their shoes too. really confy. the price is not too bad.

  10. Wow, the sandals looks so comfortable. Looks like crocs though!

  11. Love wearing this comfy and stylish shoes from Kornna! They have too many different color to choose for <3

  12. The slipper look nice and attracted me. May have a look when there.