The First Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia @ One Utama Shopping Centre

by - December 06, 2016

Hey, travel lover ! Have you been heard about Pablo Cheese Tart? It comes originally from Japan. If you have followed my IG, you will know I been Japan before and try their Pablo mini Cheese tart!! If wanna see the mini cheese that I had tried in Japan , try to look on my FB page! But no worry! Now you also can try the Pablo Cheese tart at 1 Utama Shopping Mall, (2nd floor, Old Wing near Wonder Mama) instead of going to Japan try it! Are you curious about how they do exactly the same from Japan? The answer is the ingredients used in the making of their mini cheese tart are 100% imported from Japan.

Let me introduce what Pablo will serve!

The FIRST, and of course the best seller ---Freshly Baked Cheese Tart! 3 flavours : Original [RM45.90] ,Chocolate & Matcha with Shiratama & Azuki [RM49.90]

They also sell the Premium Cheese Tart in limited quantity. Why so special?! It's created by two types of specially selected cream cheese and topped with a layer of crispy brulee surface. 
The second famous item >>> Pablo Mini Cheese Tart [RM8.90]

MY Unbiased REVIEW: The taste is exactly the same with what I had tried in Japan. Never disappointed me! Although I'm not a cheese lover, I love this Pablo Cheese Tart.

Besides the tart, they also serve drinks, soft serve ice cream and Pablo Frute ! 
Coffee & Tea [Price Ranging from RM11.90 to RM13.90]
Soft Serve Ice Cream (2 flavours: Cheese & Matcha Cheese) [RM11.90]
Pablo Frute (5 flavours: Classic Cheese, Matcha, Chocolate,Berry & Mango) [[RM15.90]

There are some snacks you can bring back home and enjoy!

One of the snacks is the Pablo Choco Crunch - Cheese tart flavour[RM47.90/12pcs] !

Besides that ,Japan also famous with this small thin biscuit too , and Pablo has 3 flavours which are cheese [RM32.90/9pcs], matcha and black [RM36.90/9pcs].
And lastly their also serve Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding[RM72.90/6pcs]!
So Save the date now ! Because it gonna happening soon !!!
***It's FREE !!If you want to be the first 100 customers to try the free cheese tart on their Grand Opening Session!!!


VENUE: 2nd Floor (Old Wing) Near Wonder MAMA , 1Utama Shopping Centre
More Info, check out their FB and IG!!!


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  1. Quite skeptical with cheese tart but I know this Pablo is so well-known. Guess I should try out myself one day. Anyway, the premium cheese tart looks so yummy. Did you try it before?

  2. Cheese tart😍😍😍😍😍 my favorite eh.. I nearly finished the whole big Pablo . Hahaha

  3. The cheesetart looks delicious. Will try it out this weekend.

  4. everybody is posting this! Make me so wanna try it out hehe

  5. Got the invitation but not a cheese tart person so didn't attend. Is it really taste good?

  6. I like cheese tarts and cakes but not too much! They are too rich for me - not young anymore to digest so much, so fast. LOL

  7. I like their cheese tart and the drink, will visit again for more :)

  8. yumyum!! want to try it!! look so delicious~~~

  9. This is like heaven! I love cheese tarts.

  10. Wow this is like cheese haven!! I am salivating looking at all the creamy cheese

  11. I love cheese tarts. Want to try this soon! Gonna drag my bf go.

  12. Creamy and tasty Cheese tart. Fall in love with the tart. I enjoy the drink too.

  13. Looks like an amazing place - I saw quite a few people talk about it too. Definitely looks like it would be worth a visit :)