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by - December 18, 2016

My travel lover!! This time I have some good stuff to share with you guys! Last few weeks, I went to Perfume Dance Café at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with my friend! This café was originally from Taiwan but the café concept was inspired by the founder travel experience to the Carnival of Venice which is popular for its distinctive masks. Sound interesting right?! 
I liked the ambience of the café and their antique furniture as well. It’s a delightful place to spend a relaxing teatime session or even dine-in with a bunch of girlfriends!  

It is great to know that they are pork-free and alcohol-free café restaurant. So, next time I can bring my Malay friends to have a meet up there.  

Let me show you what food we had for our dinner!

1. Spaghetti with Chicken in Pesto Sauce
Review: I’m not a fan of basil but I still can accept the taste. For those who were a fan of basil, you should try it. The grilled chicken was my favourite when it dipped with the sweet and sour sauce (really Malaysian's style) !!  After you have tried it and you will know what I'm talking about =)

2.  Risotto Seafood
Review: This risotto has reminded me the first Risotto I had in Milan. Although there was still a bit different but the smell and taste was almost similar and quite good. I will recommend you try it! 

When you come to their cafe, you have to try their famous toast dessert! Trust me! It's a heaven for sweet tooth 

3.  Dancing Diva
Review: I like this so much! The toast with sweet sauce and ice cream were perfect match. The hot toast was so crunchy and soft! My friend totally falls in love with this dessert. The high heel of the dessert was made of white chocolate. I’m sure this dessert must be girls’ favourite!  Must try this!

4. Christmas Cheese Tart

Review: Their cheese tart was quite nice. It must be shared with your friend. Suitable to have it when you teatime with your friend.

=== The Drinks ===
5. Fantasy Hawaii
Ingredients: Mixed of Blue lagoon, orange & lemon
This is my favourite drink of the day!

6. Summer Day
Ingredients:  Mango , Laici & Passion Fruit

7. Latte

This café really brought me back to Venice where I visited last year! All Venetian masks were hiding at the corner and you can wear it and selfie too! So, I would not miss the opportunity to take lots of photo with it! 

Besides, if you wish to have a birthday bash or events there, you may contact them for booking. They have a private room which occupied about 20++ people.  

Overall review (5likes max): 
Every corner can take photo !! 
Have a nice gathering with my friend!

For booking & more information:
Opening hour: 10.00am -10.00pm 
Address: L1 35&36 IOI City Mall, Putrajaya


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  1. The seafood risotto, spaghetti with Chicken in Pesto Sauce and the desserts there is ♡. Will go back to try their other foods as well, worth going! Must try...👍👍

  2. what a unique name for a cafe and it does look so beautiful... and the food looks so delicious also....

  3. The interior looks really good. Interesting concept and the risotto looks good too

    1. Ya, i like their cafe decoration and their food as well! You should pay a visit too XD

  4. The interior of this place looks exquisite and the food also looks so delicious!

  5. Oh my goodness. What a dreamy Victorian cafe this is. I wanna go there and I don't even care if their food taste good!

  6. It didnt look like a cafe to me at first. The interior is amazing and the food looks exotic! OMG! Must go!

  7. the interior design is really jawdropping good....! The pie looks delicious!

  8. Reading your story, I am impressed with Perfume Dance Cafe its interior which is so chic and the foods looks delectable. Which they would open a branch here in Manila!

  9. Don't know IOI City mall got this cafe! Thanks for sharing dear! =D

  10. I think, this would be the most beautiful deco cafe in IOI City Mall :)

  11. Wow, look at all the delicious foods, can't wait to try out at this restaurant :)

  12. I have heard a lot of good comment about this cafe! Seems like a must visit because it is such an instragrammable places hehe

  13. Waah...if they don't put the word Cafe, I would probably thought it's a high-end saloon or beauty facial shop!

  14. Nice concept cafe and I like all their desserts including their Spaghetti with Chicken in Pesto Sauce.