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I LOVE COFFEE AND TEA EXPO @ Midvalley Convention Centre (MVEC)

Hey, guys! This is my second time visit the "I love coffee and tea expo" and it is bigger than the previous one. You may check ...

Hey, guys! This is my second time visit the "I love coffee and tea expo" and it is bigger than the previous one. You may check out the previous expo at here. This time they have more than 100 vendors in this expo.  And they are changed to a bigger area at Midvalley Convention Centre. Let me bring you have a tour of this expo.

1. Three Bear Dutch Coffee

Look at this coffee maker tower! I really feel amazed with the structure. This awesome idea came from the founder of ThreeBearsDutchCoffee and also a Korean coffee enthusiast, Will Jung.This coffee maker tower was created to bring real dutch coffee for those who enjoy aromatic coffee with high-quality beans.

2. Cafebond offers a web and mobile platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, so you can taste and buy unique specialty coffee beans and blends from roaster-owned cafes from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing, in one easy checkout process.

3. Mister Coffee

If you wish to try some special coffee, you may try the mister drip coffee. It was 100% coffee which is coffee roasted on its own, without any other foreign ingredients added. It is commonly and affectionately referred to as "pure coffee" and/or "white coffee". There are more products include instant soluble beverages, traditional coffee and the 100% coffee as well.

4. Essenso by Super

They are using their proprietary MicroPlus™ technique, we preserve the essence of finely ground coffee beans before combining them with premium instant coffee. This creates a coffee that's deeper in aroma and richer in taste, so every sip makes for a blissful pause. Their packet all looks damn stylish!

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5. Coffee Origins
Coffee Origins is a coffee shop located at Klang. You may visit their cafe or drop by the expo to have this detox water. They have their own funny name.

6. Liselle Tea

‘Liselle', the feminine character of a fashion illustrator portrays an image and personality of confident, elegance and charismatic that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers that has dreams to build and being ambitious. Simply stated, ‘Liselle' brand portrays the identity of shining dream, positive energy and intimating soul.

Liselle Tea series consist of 4 different flavours which are Liselle Rose Tea, Liselle Jasmine Tea, Liselle Blooming Scented Tea and Liselle Lychee Black Tea.

7. Golding Tea 
Golding tea company working personally with their own farmers to produce tea at the source itself without a middleman in China and sourcing only healthy trees and not commercialised tea bushes

Meanwhile,Golding Tea has provided Tea Customised Packaging for people as a fresh form of advertising for their brand/product/service. I'm a tea lover especially the Pu Er tea! 

8. Pure Caffe Tea
Pure Caffe Tea is a startup founded by coffee lovers and it shows. They start out with a healthy shot of espresso every morning. They source directly from our favourite roasters in Italy. And we’re designing our own coffee machines. They are doing coffee machine rental package by monthly or yearly. Coffee lover you should check this out ! Awesome package they provide and attractive prizes are waiting for you.

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