Celebrating Happy Deepavali with Petronas

by - October 30, 2016

Hi travellover , as a Malaysian traveller we should know that Malaysia is made up of 3 main ethnic : Malay , Chinese and Indian. In this 29th October, Indian citizen will be celebrating their Diwali festival! In light of the Deepavali celebration, Malaysians should respect each other’s’ differences and embrace similarities.

So, what is my first expression of Indian people in my mind? They look very fierce when they didn’t smile. Haha.. But actually they are friendly people to close with.  Still remember when I took a cab, the Indian driver was so friendly and telling me some joke during traffic jam. Actually when they are smile , they looks quite friendly ^^

This time Petronas has come out a video featuring an Indian boy, Muniandy with his friend. In the story, Muniandy and his friend are trying out to help to clean the old folks home. Before that, they are going to buy some stuff from the hardware shop and most of the people were judged them as thief. The ending reveal about the help of Muniandy and his friend. So, don’t judge the book by its cover. This video simply wants to bring the message to the Malaysia citizen. And festival of light serves as a reminder to us to have compassion for others.

Let the light shines within us and continue respecting each other as both individuals and as Malaysians. Greater harmony can be achieved through greater understanding and compassion

Happy Deepavali to all my friends!!!


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  1. This video really touched my heart. I have to say that one of the reasons I look forward to festivities is watching Petronas videos!

  2. I really love the message behind that tele film... it is a very good one as all Petronas ones are...

  3. petronas makes really nice touching videos every major festivals. kudos to them

  4. I've been always love their festive advertisements, Happy Diwali everyone :)

  5. Although I never really celebrating Deepavali before but I love this meaningful ads from Petronas =D Happy Deepavali!!