Experience Korea @ Hartamas Shopping Centre 27 Sept - 1 Oct 2016

by - October 01, 2016

안녕하세요!! Calling all Korean lover. There is a Korean fair @ Main Concourse of Hartamas Shopping Centre where you can come and discover Korea like no other.  

There will also be a showcase of Korean culture also happening at the Main Concourse daily from 1pm onwards.In the Korean fair, you can experience a series of Korean traditional activities, Korean products and also find awesome travel deals. This Korean Fair is meant to share the culture, connect and experience with the visitor and shoppers of Hartamas Shopping Centre where it is located in the diverse and affluent Hartamas-Mont Kiara urban residential and commercial enclave. And it is known as little Korea in that area. 

Let me show you what I found in the event !!

1. Korean Delicacies 
What Korean food is your favourite? Kimchi , Tteok bok ki or Ramyeon ?What I had mentioned ,you can find it in the Korean fair. There got a counter selling Korean traditional snacks. One of the Korean snacks attracted me called Tteok kkochii which looks similar like Tteok bok ki but in the bunch type. If craving for that Korean street food, you must try this. 

If you still feeling not enough eating there, you can buy some Korean snacks and Ramyeon. You may find the Hot N Spicy Ramyeon and bring back home challenge with your friend. 

2. Travel deals
This end of the year will be the winter season ! Korea is a famous country for skiing during winter time. I always saw this in the famous show ---《Running Man》 and wish to go there skiing with my friends.  There will be a Viva Ski Festival this year at Vivaldi Park , Korea. In the counter, you may find a 3-day package which provides you skiing lesson , cooking class, a day in Jjimjilbang (Korean Style Sauna), wearing Hanbok (Korean Traditional Dress)and much more. They not only provide skiing package but also other activities includes accommodation offer as well. Want to find out more, do visit the counter at the Korean fair. 

3. Korean activities
Picture credit to little cloud of thoughts  
The daily activities chosen to be showcased during the 5 days fair are the traditional cultural dance at the opening, the Ddakji/Korean kite demonstration on the second day, Destruction (Korean traditional throwing sticks game)on the third game, Kimchi demonstration on fourth day and Samyang eating competition on the last day of the fair with great Korean products to be won. Don't miss it ! 

4. Photo booth
Now you have the opportunity to try on the Korean traditional dress, Hanbok in the event. So, do not miss it , guys !

More info,
Address: Ground Floor , concourse , Hartamas Shopping Centre
Contact: 03-6201 8353
Website: http://www.hartamas-sc.com/
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  1. Nice!!! Next time take me go please...hehehehhe :P

  2. Been seeing a lot on this Korean fair and it looks amazing. Will be certainly worth a visit soon :)

  3. I actually liked the Tteok Bok Ki here.. it was quite yummy... You look fabulous with the Hanbok... I wish I can return to Korea.. sadly, it is my daughter going back there next week...huhuhu

  4. so much fun there! Wish to join Viva Ski Festival in Korea .

  5. I've not been to Korea yet, so this is a good opportunity for me to see what the country is like. And I'd love the chance to don the hanbok.

  6. I scare I will use up alot of money when I go to Korea fair =P Pass the date already~~ TT

  7. You looks great with the Korean outfit. Looks like a great event to promote Korea.

  8. You looks so pretty in Korea tradisional outfit.. Nice event..

  9. Ohhh... near my place... Might drop by there to check out. hope I am not too late

  10. They sell korea food as well. That is so cool. Gonna check this out later

  11. Need more spicy ramen... and banana milk.... huhuhu