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by - January 28, 2016

Not a doubt, I'm a person who loves to travel. During travel, my skin condition sometimes can be dry or oily. So, I need to do some skincare during travel to make sure my face is in a good condition. So, I won't worry when I am taking a photo. Where I buy my skincare?? The answer I buy from the online store Althea Korea.

Usually, I will buy my skincare product directly from the store, as I'm not so confident with the online shop. Until I had seen Althea, I changed my mind.  What makes me so confident in purchasing products from Althea??!! Of course, the word "Authentic". It made me assertive to purchase my favourite Korean product.

Talk a bit about this website.

Althea is a website for buyers to buy the famous K-beauty product managed by a native Korean called Frank Kang, CEO of Althea. Althea is first launched in Malaysia and in the same year of December, Althea launched in Singapore. One of the interesting points is all the K-product is directly shipped from Korea. Normally, oversea shipment will end up with higher cost. But if you buy above RM150, you will get the free shipment and an exquisite box. The price of  K-product sold from althea is as reasonable as you buy in Korea.

My review on this website:

First is SERVICE
Because of their best service, I can't stop myself purchasing again from Althea. They not only selling the product but also teach us how to fully use the products in Youtube and their official blog too. Any inquiries, you contact them through their email or Facebook Inbox. They will reply you within a day. In addition, they will accept your suggestion and keep upgrading their performance. I have been suggested them to give out some sample for us to try. And, they did it. From this point, I can see their sincere in doing business.That's why I'm one of their little fans. 

Second is SHIPMENT
From payment to shipment, they have a good tracking system. In addition, I rarely see online store have the service direct shipment from Korea. Plus, if I buy above RM150, there will be free delivery. There also guarantee 30days free return if you do not satisfy with your order for any reason.
 You receive an emails notification that shows you the tracking number. 
Click on the tracking number then you can track your product currently at where.

Why I say so?! This is because when I think of buying a product, coincidentally they come out with a crazy price or daebak sales for that product.  After purchasing the product, Althea will give out some free sample for me. Sometimes, they will organize a contest and give out fabulous prize like a ticket to Korea.(**I'm not so lucky to get it T_T) And one more thing is all the product will cover nicely with the bubble wrap so that the product sent to me will be in good condition. 
**Do follow their facebook page! There will always some giveaway ( Althea Credit RM20) for the member. Faster SIGN UP. New sign up user will get RM15 free credit!!
The Daebak Sales
Contest that gives away RM20 Althea Credit 
The fourth is SPECIAL
The special thing is the exquisite box. I do love their box with a different design from their original box to CNY limited edition box. This point I also rarely see other competitor doing this. Normally the competitor will do for the VIPs only.
I really like their box.

Fifth is the PRODUCT
The products are all the way from Korea and 100% authentic.Not a doubt, this point has made me confident to buy the product from Althea.

The final point is PRICE. 
Nowadays consumer will compare price before buying the product. The price in Althea was cheaper than the retail price. I have research some local online shop. Afterall, Althea hit the best cheap price compare with the competitor.

Overall Rate:
(**Based on my review)

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Wishing You a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year 

Word by Shinmay

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  2. I always love Althea products..really those products have good quality.